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8 Best Mental Health Wellness Apps In 2022

Mental health is no joke in anyone’s life. Everyone may face some mental problems such as instability, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more. Now it’s high time that we acknowledge them and take necessary steps to be mentally fit. Because mental fitness is equally important as is physical fitness. And that’s why we have a whole lot of mental health wellness apps, they are specially designed in such a manner that one can easily login into them and discuss their problems. Also, they provide various plans and give access to talk to specialized therapists. 

What Exactly Are Mental Health Wellness Apps ?

Best Mental Health Wellness Apps
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Mental health wellness apps are the ones that are readily available on your smartphone to bring mental stability. They provide a variety of ways according to your problems. Furthermore, they have a bunch of questions prepared for the user so that they can understand your condition on a deeper level. Not only this, but they also prepare customized plans according to your convenience. In simple words, they have almost everything to cure you from your root cause.

Anyone can use the apps, as they are designed in such a way that anyone can use them. This is because anyone can be a victim of mental health problems. Kids, adults, senior citizens, students, professionals, etc., anyone could be its target. So, it is important to recognize it and take prompt steps to cure it from its very root cause.

Best Mental Health Wellness Apps In 2022

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8 Best Mental Health Wellness Apps In 2022

There are a lot of mental health wellness apps available in the play store. But not all have the capability to understand your mental state and work according to that. Not only are their ratings good, but they are immensely utilizing. The below- mentioned apps are carefully tested and we have gone through a lot of reviews of people and their stories. And this is how we selected these apps for the list. Hence, here is a list of some top mental health wellness apps of this year.

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  • A highly functional application for reducing stress and improving resilience, it counts under top mental health wellness apps of 2020-21. 
  • No matter what kind of mental problem you are going through, Moodfit has a solution for it.
  • One can use it in plenty of ways. For instance, mind workouts, reinforcing optimistic thinking, journal of gratitude, etc. – all these are possible in this.
  • It helps process your thinking so as to bring optimism into your daily life through CBT techniques.


  • It works on the basis of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theory) and consists of innovative methodologies.
  • MyPossibleSelf provides you with the required toolkit, that helps you in behavior identification and progress monitorization.
  • It has got mood trackers by which you can measure your mood progress.
  • Also, one can get access to some audio and visual exercises, which are indeed calming and soothing.

7 Cups

  • One of the best mental health wellness apps available in the Play Store is 7 Cups, which is available free of cost on the internet.
  • Anxiety, depression, mental breakdown, insomnia- you name it and it would cure it.
  • Also, this app lets you have a counseling session with therapists, active listeners and community support groups.
  • Chat with three support groups is available 24/7, which is one of the great features of this app. 


  • Headspace focusses on mindfulness and increasing positivity.
  • If you are someone for whom meditation is boring, then you must definitely check it out. 
  • Making meditation easy, calm and effective, it releases your stress and anxiety effectively.
  • Not only meditation, but it  also has a lot of other efficient stuff. For instance, breathing exercises, fitness training and sleep melodies.
  • Furthermore, you get a personalized coach for your specific problems.


  • One of the top and best mental wellness health apps, it targets self- care, reducing stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  • It claims to be well- researched by trained psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • InnerHour has some self- care activities for all kinds of mental health problems, which is the basis of CBT, positive psychology and mindfulness.
  • Not only this, but it also acts as a mood booster, clearing your mind and clarifying your thoughts.
  • One can keep a record of their mental health goals through this.


  • Mood tracker and booster, anxiety management and mindfulness- all are available in this one app: Wysa.
  • With a chatbox system, you can easily vent out without any fear of privacy leakage. This app will not only listen to you, but also provide solutions to cure it from its very root cause.
  • Along with all these, Wysa also provides family meditation programs to improve your mental and spiritual well- being.
  • At Wysa, you get an AI friend, with whom you can talk for free whenever you feel like.

MindDoc Companion 

  • Made by clinical psychologists, it stands to be one of the top mental health apps of this year.
  • Here, you can get insights about what you are exactly feeling and going through. For instance, your thoughts, behavioral changes, and your emotional health can all be measured here.
  • MindDoc has a profound library with a vast collection of exercises and courses that will help you in the journey of being well from within.


  • A life- changing application with the help of meditation, Calm is one of the best mental health wellness apps of 2022.
  • Targeting mostly on sleep and meditation, it has a whole lot of incredible ways to keep your mental health under check. For instance, meditation, bedtime stories, melodies, and many more such things are available.
  • The length of the meditation on Calm ranges from 3 minutes to 25 minutes.
  • The app focuses on curing problems such as anxiety, stress, disturbed sleep cycles, low self- esteem, habit breaking and many more.
  • Not only these, but Calm also provides some immensely- effective masterclasses to give you the required knowledge about how our mind works and related stuff.

The Bottom Line

Cheerful woman checking health app
Cheerful woman checking health app

These are some of the best mental health wellness apps of this year. They have almost everything that you may need for your journey. Mental health is not something that requires a medicine to heal. It is a continuous process, where you focus on yourself to turn into a better individual. Every obstacle in life makes you better. And we wish that you successfully overcome your problems and be happy!

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