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4 Types of Game Room Ideas for the Home

Have you ever visited a home that had a spectacular game room that you could only dream of emulating in your own space? Whether for the purpose of entertaining guests or for your own gaming pleasure, game rooms can be a great addition to any household residence. However, it can be difficult to narrow down the exact type of space you want to create and what to fill it with. In this article we give readers four creative ideas for inspiration.

The Party Game Room

Let’s face it—staying in is all the rage these days. People are swapping nights out on the town for themed dinner parties at home or game nights galore. If you are someone who is the frequent host of these game nights, you are most likely used to friends invading your living room and kitchen, sharing snacks and laughing through funny board games and competing against each other in classic activities like hot seat, cranium, twister, or charades.

It is in these moments where a specific area for game nights could come in great handy. This could mean converting a room into a party game room filled only with board games and purchasing some shelves to for organization and visual aesthetics. Spice it up with a cute rug, decorative cushions for people to sit on, and even a mini fridge for drinks and appetizers.

4 Types of Game Room Ideas for the Home
4 Types of Game Room Ideas for the Home

Those who enjoy playing online games either in single or multi-player mode will appreciate a space to themselves decked out with all the best equipment

The PC Gamer Cave

While some homeowners may be more into hosting group gatherings, others prefer to have a game room completely to themselves for PC gaming purposes. This could call for some serious renovations, or rather for furniture to be moved around to optimize space. Regardless, it’s important that this gaming setup has space for all the right equipment—i.e., PC monitor, an ergonomic chair, light-up keyboard, stereo speakers, gaming mouse or controller, and headset. At the end of the day, these accessories may vary depending on which game genres the user engages in.

However, PC gamers know who they are. Whether they primarily play first-person shooter titles such as the Halo series or online casino games like Blackjack in different variations from America and Europe, the necessary equipment should be easy to pin point depending on their gaming style. To further amp up the space, invest in different coloured twinkly lights or even a smart TV to project games onto and you’ll be in the perfect conditions for an uninterrupted, productive gaming session.

The Old-School Arcade Basement

Basements are great places for home game rooms. Often these spaces are extremely under-used or just rooms for dusty storage boxes and unwanted items. So, why not transform your basement into an exciting area for vintage arcade games? Perhaps you are already storing an old-school Pac-Man or Donkey Kong machine from years past. Fill the room with these classic favorites and go all out with decorations in funky colours from the 80s and 90s for the full affect.  

4 Types of Game Room Ideas for the Home
4 Types of Game Room Ideas for the Home

If your space allows for you to include bigger pieces like a pool or foosball table, why not go all out?

The Pool Hall

Many people love to visit pool halls as billiards is a fun gaming opportunity and also quite an easy activity to learn if you have never played before. When it comes to creating this vibe in your home, a big factor is lighting, as pool halls often have lightning that is strictly focused on the billiards table and its balls rather than the room itself. Therefore, accent lamps can be useful as well as dimmable lights. Pool tables are a big investment if you are not already the owner of one, but if you have the space in your house already, it can be a great one.

So, there you have it! Four ways to create your dream home game room, depending on your gaming preferences. However, now that you have these options in your back pocket, the next step is figuring out how to decorate your space. If the thought of being responsible for all interior design decisions intimidates you, it may be a good idea to hire a professional. Check out five compelling reasons why working with an interior designer can be a great solution for the modern homeowner.  

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