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Career Prospects For Chefs

If you can see the art in food and food is a lot more than a way to survival for you, then you are cut for becoming a chef.

Gone are the days when cooking was considered to be a completely women’s affair and any man who wanted to give it a go with whole hardheartedly, was thought to be of low esteem.

Cooking is no more a just a daily chores, it is an art, passion and an ambition of life to many. Culinary skills hold a great respect and dignity nowadays.

It might even earn you a celebrity status. There are many success stories to inspire every aspiring culinary expert. From Sanjeev Kapoor to Vikas Khanna, several celebrity chefs have become the face of culinary industry.  With the significant rise in hotel and restaurants, culinary jobs are also at a boom.

Career Prospects For Chefs:

Though, we can not say that becoming a chef is the most sought after career choice among youths, the popularity graph has certainly taken a leap in recent years. The culinary industry never runs out of demands for highly skilled and talented chefs.

Not only the hotel industry but several other fields also require professional chefs. High end catering services being one of them.

Weddings are an expensive affair in today’s world. Everyone wants those important moments to be memorable for lifetime and what food is one of the most important element in making it memorable.

So , you can seek job in a number of environments like hotel, restaurants, catering for weddings and parties etc.

Education And Training:

Now the question arises: do we need a proper formal training in order to become a chef ? The answer is No but training from a reputed Institute is recommended. It will make your path to a successful chef will be easier with the help of a formal training.

Besides, a degree or diploma from a good Hotel Management Institute is mandatory to lend a job in big hotels.

There are many reputed institutes in various parts of India to choose from.


Remuneration in this field is very unpredictable. It completely relies on your confidence, the way you present your skills and of course your past experience.

Trainee chefs can earn anywhere between 10k to 20k per month.

But, as you build up a good experience in this field you can expect quite a handsome payout. An executive chef makes around an average of 1 lac to 3 lac per month.

With the perfect blend of passion, hard work and right direction, your success recipe will fill your world with a pleasant aroma.


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