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Indian food of foreign origin

Indian dishes are savored all over the world. India is well known for its exotic and mouth-watering dishes. Those dishes are the identity of our nation. Anyone visiting India, take some memories back home of our typical Indian tastes.

But, here is something to give a big shock to all of us- Some of our long cherished delicacies that are an integral part of our lives since time immemorial are not actually Indian!!


Rajma is one of the most popular dish of north India. A Punjabi meal is incomplete without the very famous ‘Rajma- rice’. Shockingly, rajma is not of Indian origin.

It was brought to India from central Mexico and Guatemala. So, this beloved beans of ours is not purely Indian:(

See, how fabulous we Indians are, at preparing a Mexican dish without even knowing.

Though, maxican version of rajma is very different from that of Indian.


”What!! Really!! That can’t be true.” That was my initial reaction to this after knowing that the inseparable member of every Indian family is also have not originated in the our country.

Tea marks the beginning of our mornings and evenings. Tea actually belongs to China. It was used as a medicinal drink in southwest China.

British became familiar with the taste of tea during 17th century. Later on, they introduced tea in India to break the monopoly of China on tea production.


OMG!!!! It has really come unexpectedly. How could it be? Now, that’s really heartbreaking. I mean, our all time favorite samosa, that too not an Indian stuff.

Samosa is believed to be the most common snack of India. It is everybody’s go to food when one wants some quicky solution to a growling tummy. Yummmm!!

Whatever be the origin of these delicacies, but, they will always be our all time favorite and very Desi to us. Indians’ love can never be diminished for these mouth-watering stuffs. They have always been with us, just like a dear family member and will stay forever. Agreed??


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