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Best sites for free blogging

Digital marketing and online free blogging has turned out to be exponentially more essential in a time of social networking and systems administration. The online blast has produced more than 200 million blogs around the world. The best blogging stages – WordPress, and Tumblr and Blogger – every rank in the main 50 most went to sites.

Blogging is a standout amongst the best courses for substantial and little organizations to produce new leads that change over into deals and income. There are incalculable examples of overcoming adversity of business people and organizations transforming their thoughts into multimillion dollar endeavors by means of blogging, in spite of the fact that there are different purposes behind beginning a blog.

The best part is that anybody can begin a blog for nothing. There are many free blogging destinations, however not all stages are made equivalent and some offer better open doors for development, introduction, and adaptation. While self-facilitated blogs require a one of a kind area and facilitating organization, they do offer enormous focal points over even the best free blog locales.

Steps to choose the best free blogging site

The following is an exploration of the top free blogging platforms, points of interest, and why they’re the best free blogging destinations. To be complete, we inspected Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix and Squarespace individually.



How hot is WordPress? All things considered, 1 in 6 sites on the planet keep running on it, making it the most well known Blogging stage. Notwithstanding being an awesome free distributed apparatus and web index well disposed Content Management System (CMS), WordPress works for everybody from novice Bloggers to extensive scale organizations fundamentally on the grounds that it offers an immeasurable exhibit of paid and free custom subjects and modules. This makes WordPress exceptionally adaptable, versatile, easy to use, and web crawler enhanced. As I would see it, WordPress is the best Blogging programming accessible.

As a client, you have the choice of building a blog at WordPress.com (not suggested) or making a self-facilitated WordPress blog all alone server and area utilizing WordPress.org (profoundly prescribed).



One of the main blogging platforms, blogger was in the past known as BlogSpot. This Google-claimed administration is most mainstream among easygoing bloggers who compose or share online for no particular reason. Blogger is best-known for its moment setup and simple to-use framework.



Tumblr is known for casual miniaturized scale Blogging, a type of Blogging that is longer than a Tweet however not as long or expert as an all out article or post. Tumblr clients offer substance that is for the most part visual: pictures, recordings, joins, and/or infographics. A Tumblr record is perfect for first-time clients hoping to begin posting in a flash, yet not focus on a full-time venture.

Best blogging site

At last, when looking at WordPress versus Tumblr versus Blogger, WordPress’ product gives the best esteem. There are numerous reasons a lion’s share of Bloggers begin a Blog with WP – it offers the best blend of elements, configuration, adaptability, force, and ease of use. Blogger and Tumblr are anything but difficult to utilize, however they do not have the elements and customization decisions of WordPress.

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