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At a boring party? ways to tackle it

Once in our life we all have attended parties in which we feel very alone and one thing that come into our mind when this shit will get over. These  things happens with each and every individual when they feel lonely and they started feeling like oh my god why I am here , it’s better to be in bed rather than  attending this party .  A good party needs the right kind of people, games, hosts and food and beverages to be fun.  So what do you do if you find yourself stuck at party which has none of these ingredients of perfection? Why, you make your own fun of course! Here are ten ways in which you can pass time at a boring party:

Smartphone on rescue

The best way to entertain yourself in a party is use your smartphones. Now days there are so many social   networking sites in which we can pass our time. Why would anyone ever be bored when they have facebook, twitter, pinterest and funny cat videos just a click away.  There are so many stalkers on these sites. You can also pass your time by chatting with these stalkers. If you are not socially active then the best way to pass your time is playing games on your phone. This will definitely pass your time and make your party less boring.

It’s time to get booze

Yes consuming alcohol is dangerous for our health. But if we are facing this serious ignorance by rest of the people and before you started feeling like a zombie. You should consume alcohol because alcohol makes even the dullest of parties and gatherings appear more fun.  So instead of looking for ways to pass time, get some alcohol into your system and time will move faster! Parties tend to be more fun and people more entertaining once you’re two beers down, so don’t let that open bar go to waste. But be responsible and don’t drive if you are drunk.

Try your observation skills

This is something that people who use public transport on a regular basis swear by. Observing others can be a surprisingly enjoyable pastime. There are a different type of people’s in the party like love birds, fighting couple, weirdoes, beauty queens, show off buddy, boozers etc. All these varieties of species can pass your time very easily. You can even know the latest trends of clothing and accessories.

Food Food Food

Name one thing that is better than food? Free food! One thing that is common to all parties is free food. In fact, a lot of people admit to attending parties mostly because of the food that they will be served. If you are getting bored at your place and you are craving for tasty Junk food. .And you have an invitation of a party. Then it will like a jackpot for you. You can simply load your plate up with the tastiest of food items being served and sit down to enjoy a good meal. After the first few satisfying bites you’ll even forget that you were at a boring party in the first place.

  • Replying

Yes, I know this sound like a terrible thing to do at a party. Who wants to reply to tedious messages and get to work on all those emails they have been ignoring for some time now. Getting to work at a party seems like a terrible thing.  Make use of that smartphone of yours and get to replying to all those emails piling up in your inbox. Think also of all the time you will save at work the next morning so you can nap at your desk. You can even reply all those friends who you try to ignore. This thing will have 2 benefits firstly you will able to pass your time and secondly you will able to know about gossips in your so called friend circle.

Find a friend

What is better than one person suffering alone? Two people suffering together, of course! If you find yourself at a party where fun is simply not happening, why not find a friend who is as bored as you. See if the friends you came with are actually enjoying themselves? Chances are that you will probably find a couple of them who are as bored as you. Stick together and do your own fun activities that could include making fun of common enemies or judging everyone else in the room. Alternately, make new friends! Scan the room and see if you can find someone who is also not enjoying themselves. Band together.

Strike up a conversation 

The best part about parties, according to me at least, is the opportunity of meeting new people/ future friends. So why not make use of the fact that you are surrounded by strangers who are probably a lot of fun once you get to know them? Go strike up a conversation with someone who looks like they would enjoy the same things that you would. But don’t be creepy about it and leave if they don’t seem to want you.

I hope that these ways  will definitely help you  to get rid  of boring parties .



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