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Can Men and Women Be JUST FRIENDS

Men and women are relegated as two most important pillars of the society . They share great intimacy, affection and a sense of belief in each other. It has often been said that -“women make the lives of men beautiful “.They nurture and garner friendship ,love, respect and many other intricate feelings with each other . But since the time of Adam and Eve there has been a big question mark on whether the relationship of a man and woman be limited to the boundaries of just friends tag or not. Let’s try to scoop this out…

Every person in this world would answer this question in entirely different way.For some people it would be a myth and for some it would be difficult to believe that both sexes can’t avoid each others presence for long.

Take the example of a guy who is single in his group . He will definitely strive hard to gain the attention of other women in his group .The relationship of a man and a woman is like anecdote which can’t keep you away for long. Men and women often think that they are friends but there is always a possibility that the other person’s mind is expecting much more than that even if they don’t share this feeling with anyone .

Can Men and Women Be JUST FRIENDS

What Research Says 

According to a research physical attraction is seen among every man and woman . A 2012 study established this fact that in the majority of opposite-sex friendships, there’s at least a low level of attraction. Researchers have even found out that men are mostly more inclined towards women.

Basically, this study gives us the scientific explanation for the “friend zone.” Women and men are often on completely different standards when it comes to their cross-sex relationships!

Some Interesting Facts About Cross Sex Just Friends Tagline 

  • Men are more fascinated towards women when hanging together as friends and they expect much more than just being friends from the opposite sex.
  • Women can have the ability to maintain “just friends” tag in cross gender friendship.
  • Men are supposedly the weak link in maintaining the friendship equation.
  • Men are not only more romantically inclined towards their female friends but they also believe that the same is going inside other person’s mind.
  • Guys find it hard to accept No from their female friends and thus often hesitate in expressing their feelings .
  • Most men and women end up cheating on their spouse with a close opposite sex friend .

Image result for men and women together picsSo this is quite evident that there is some sort of emotional and physical connection between the opposite genders and there are always chances of something getting cooked up from simple friendship. Often great relationships start with friendship. The genetic plethora of cross sex friendship has many dimensions quite arguable. But this argument can’t end as each one of us have different experiences and varying viewpoint .

What matters is true friendship . Everything above and over it is what our eyes are subjected to see. In the real world, we should acknowledge our friendship above attraction – whether one-sided or mutual – without destroying things .



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