Have you ever wondered how a foldable mobile phone was made? How the water proof systems were made? How the curved LED televisions are ruling the world today?

Can we ever imagine a world where the tyres of vehicles don’t get wearied out? Can we ever purify the polluted air that gets into our home? Can an injection ever be given without piercing our skin? How nice it would be if such things happen!!!

The answer for all these questions is so simple……All these wonders are possible only with the new-emerging technology…THE NANO TECHNOLOGY.  This is the most trending topic in today’s world which is spreading its arms in almost every field like electronics, computers, chemistry, medicine, food, automobile, etc. This helps man in making his life simpler. The Nano technology is the science that deals with the particles which are less than 100 Nano metres in size.

I nm=10^ (-9) m

So, with this it is understood that the size of a Nano particle is too minute. And here is the overview of some of the major advantages of Nano technology.


  • The accuracy and the quality of X-ray and scan will get improved. The size of equipment also gets minimized. So this would make it easy to carry the scan reports where ever we want.
  • Researches are going on to prepare artificial bones and teeth using Nano technology.
  • If the size of vaccine to be injected is made small , then there would be no need to tolerate the pain of injection.


  • The nano particles have the capacity to filter the harmful effluents and make water pure.
  • The process of separating potable water from the sea water is also possible with nano particles.
  • Salt can easily be separated from water with the help of nano sized electrodes at a very cheap rate. If this happens, there would be no problem of water scarcity in this world.


  • The most powerful and rechargeable batteries which can last for a longer time are also being available nowadays , thanks to nano technology!!!
  • The nano technology also has its part in increasing the efficiency of the machinery.
  • With the help of nano particles, the size of solar panels can also be minimized and hence can also be used to run vehicles.
  • The same technology also prevents the wearing and tearing of tyres.


  • Whenever the Ultra Violet rays fall on the glass, the nano particles get activated and make the dust particles on the glass to get loosened and fall off.
  • Researchers want to extend the same technique to the touch screen of the smart phones. So , with this , the touch screen phones which are free of your sweat and the outside dust are surely possible.


  • This technology also helps to have the microbe free key board and mouse. This also helps to prevent the spreading of many contagious diseases.
  • This also helps in preventing the screens of cameras, spectacles and the computers to get wet. Since they are made of carbon, they can clean themselves and also protect the screen from getting scratched.
  • The nano fabric is also creating wonders nowadays. The dresses made of nano materials never loose their lustre and are washer friendly. They don’t even loose the colour that easily.
  • With the introduction of nano whiskers, water proof fabric will also be available. Then there is no worry about the dress getting stained and the cloth will always look fresh.
  • If the aircraft weight gets reduced by 20 percent, the fuel efficiency gets increased by 20 percent, which will ultimately lead to the cheaper aviation charges.

So, as mentioned earlier, nano technology has spread its wings in all the possible domains in the world and is making the survival of man much simpler than ever before. Now it’s our responsibility to use the technology in a proper way and make it advantageous. The future can really be wonderful and fruitful with the proper usage of the ever-growing nano technology.

Sarada Pyngas
Sarada Pyngas
Sarada Pyngas

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