piolloIn today’s hectic world it’s getting increasingly difficult to remember what truly matters, the health of you and your loved ones. Pillo, an intelligent home health companion robot that can manage your medications, answer your medical questions, re-order medications, send notifications to family members when medications are missed, and connect you directly with doctors.

PILLO will dispense your pills accordingly each day into the glass in the cup holder. With its artificial intelligence Pillo recognises each and every member of your family and properly dispenses medication to each member.


buddyBUDDY is the revolutionary companion robot that improves your everyday life. It is always there for what really it matters. He reminds you of the important tasks and events on your agenda.  He can assist you with the messaging and delivers the right message to right family member.  It is a hands-free helper and can roam around the house. He can suggest recipies while you are cooking, read your messages, Play favourite music or even answer your calls.        

Buddy patrols your home while you are away and alerts you when detecting any unusual situation. It also manages all your connected devices and automates your home and life by connecting to your devices like fitness trackers, locks and switches. It acts as a security camera that you can remotely control it to see wherever you want in your home. Serves as a cameraman capturing special moments and can send them directly to social networks. Buddy is a playmate , Plays hide and seek with the children. At the end of the day he can be a story teller. Buddy is a part of your everyday life. He is your bucky and you are watched out or just your friendly companion.


aidoAIDO is a new personal robot that wants to interact with all aspects of your home – assistance, entertainment, home automation, security and more. It is a 3-foot tall robot that rolls around on an Omni-directional ball that allows him to move around the house.

Aido has built-in object recognition and obstacle avoidance. It can be a tabletop if you don’t want it to move around your home, the top part of  Aido is detachable. Here’s a unique features that sets it apart from other social robots, It has a projector in its head that tracks gestures, and an optimal HD multimedia projector that’s designed for watching movies and playing games. Aido also has a 2-inch woofer and dual tweeters, offering the possibility for a fun, mobile home theatre experience.



robot maya MAYA is a personal assistant and has a wide array of capabilities. The robot can recognize faces and expressions, or recognize objects around the house and navigate around them automatically. If you’re hosting party, Maya moves around and snap candid shots of your smiling guests. It has speech recognition feature and responds to the requests. It is much like Apple’s digital assistant Siri, but unlike it, the bot uses Artificial intelligence to understand what the words mean. The robot runs on the Android operating system, and is designed to be a system for which software developers can build their own apps. Now it’s a female avatar named Maya, but its makers are working on creating other customizable faces, names and voices.


vortexUnlike the social robots Vortex is a robotic toy that can be a playmate to children. It let your kids learn basic robotics and coding by way of a colorful and easy-to-use interface. Vortex, which is small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, is described as a smart and responsive device that allow kids to play multiplayer games like Bumping fight,  Golf , Robot Soccer and Driving . Vortex brings app-enabled experience and you can remotely control it.


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