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In today’s world, we are connected to each other with social networks. And when someone wants to share their ideas with people or just express their thoughts, one of the most commonly preferred media is a blog. Now, what is a blog?

A blog can be a way to convey your thoughts to people. It can be a journal, a diary that a blogger keeps and shares with people who are enthusiastic about the same thing. Blogs also help other people to find their interests or make them curious enough to start something new. Although it can be very fascinating to connect with people, it also raises some questions for the new aspiring bloggers. Let’s see some basic questions a beginner can have while starting a blog and try to solve the self-doubts for bloggers.

How do I make my content look different than others?

One of the most common self-doubt for bloggers will be how can I write a content that is different than others? It is the most troublesome to discover new content each time you want to write something new. But that’s the main issue, isn’t it? You can’t find any content that is new or completely different from others. So, why not just make your own? Simple right? Let me explain. All you have to do, is instead of searching new things that people are not doing, share the things that you are working on. It can be your lifestyle, your cooking tricks, or interesting stories that you might find in your neighbourhood. And voila, you have totally different content from others.

Do I have to update the blog daily?

Now, one more question exists. How often do I update my blog? You can say this is another self-doubt for bloggers. So here’s what you should do. Update the blog when you feel like sharing some memories or stories. A blog is not your homework or a 9 to 5 job that you have to update daily. This should be your choice when you are ready to share your feelings with others. But don’t leave your blog lonely for a long time. There should be a time period when you update your blog. In this way, your readers will get attracted to the content if it continues to give them something new on a regular basis.

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How will I decide the length of the articles?

After you have dealt with the first two problems, then we have a third one. The major question and big self-doubt for a blogger: what should be the ideal length of the article or the a blog? This has a little confusing answer. Some of the bloggers prefer to have long explanatory articles so that the readers can understand better. While some prefer to keep their content short and sweet. It is actually efficient in both cases. You just have to remember, it is the content of the article that matters, not the length. You can either explain in a long essay like way or you can have a simple short story. But you must have content that helps the readers understand easily and efficiently.

How do I get loyal readers?


So, now that you have found the content, the time when you want to update your blog and the length which you want to write with, you need readers. Not only that, you need loyal readers. Each blogger goes through these questions: are the readers liking my content? Are they following my content? Do they want more from me? Resulting in another self-doubt for bloggers: how can I get loyal readers?

To get loyal readers, you can try different things.

  • First is that you should be connected with social media. Keep your readers updated with the content and keep them curious about it.
  • You can also have a guest blogger.
  • You can connect with other bloggers. Be friends, comment on their blogs.
  • And most importantly, learn how to write in a way that keeps your readers connected.

How to convince the readers to subscribe?

Now that you have loyal readers, you want them to subscribe to your blog. And the question is how can you achieve that? The answer is you can’t. Not by forcing them in any way. When you have readers that are loyal to you, you need to be loyal with them, too. Blake them trust you. If you succeed with this, then you can have many subscribers. You can also offer something new to the subscriber, something that they can not resist. Well, who won’t be subscribing then?

Can I start making money instantly?

A million-dollar question: can I start making money instantly? Yes. You might be able to. But be aware: if you are focusing too much on making money, you might be disturbing your blog content. A blog should be based on long term planning. You can focus on having a good reputation and can gain a steady income with it, too.

How should I start the blog?

If you ask me, I think that this is the most important self-doubt for a blogger. This question can decide your readers and pretty much everything about your blog. But don’t panic. It has a simple answer. Your first blog post should be about you and your blog. Don’t forget, people don’t know you, yet. So, in order to be familiar with them, write about you. Let them know more about you and your blog. Tell them what content to expect, in short, familiarize yourself with them. And don’t forget to tell them how to stay in touch with the blog.

How should I decide the theme of the blog?

Now, the theme of the blogs can be a deciding factor, but it also depends on the blogger. You should keep inind that you theme connects with your content and is helpful for the readers. If this is followed, then it is totally up to you what theme you would like to have.

Are guest posts beneficial?

It is a tricky issue, I think. Guest posts can be beneficial to your blog, but if too many, they can still be hazardous. But you have to keep one thing in mind, if your blog is new, there might not be bloggers who will want to write on your blog if you are new. It’s simple, guest blogging is to spread your influence. If you already don’t have any readers, the other bloggers might not want to be part of it just now. So, you need to be sure of the blogger and the content for your blog if you want to have a guest.

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Who can help me when I am stuck?

Where to ask for help can be the last doubt or it can be the first self-doubt for a blogger. Who will help me when I am stuck somewhere? Fear not. Nowadays, there are many educational videos that help. Also, there are websites and articles written, just to promote the bloggers. So, your help will be on your doorstep any time you need it.

These are some of the questions or self-doubts a blogger can have while starting a blog. You can find your answers here and also improve your blog accordingly. Moreover, if you get stuck still, there are many people building contents and videos to help bloggers with their blogs.

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