The Ten Best Standup Comedians On The Internet To Look For Right Now

It is a grim, dark place in the world right now. People have been staying at home, and yet the coronavirus case tally simply increases day by day. The revolution for equality has begun, regardless of the danger, they’ve put themselves in. The job scenario looks grim, and countries have started opening up, from the fear of the economy shutting down. With so much going on, it is hard to cope with reality sometimes. And it is in those times that we find solace in the entertainment we indulge in.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. So, it is time to kick your feet up and slide down the couch with your favourite standup show. And we have just the list to get you started. Here are our top ten picks for the best Indian comedians and their standup shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime video right now.

Kanan Gill – Keep It Real

Kanan Gill comedian
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The true mark of a comedian doesn’t come from his ability to crack stereotypical jokes that are either vulgar or controversial. They come from the comedian’s ability to bring the fun out of anything. And that is precisely what Kanan in Keep it Real does. Despite being a standup show released three years ago, Keep It Real feels fresh. The jokes are relatable and funny. And the best part of the show is that it’s a family comedy. No awkward eye glances and moments with your family while watching this show. Just pure fun for everybody watching.

Zakir Khan – Haq Se Single

Zakir Khan comedian
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This comedian feels entirely home-grown. He is it too, but that’s beside the point. Most comedians take entirely impersonal experiences and make them into a rallying position for their best jokes. That is not the case with Zakir Khan. Each of his jokes feels altogether from the heart. Each of them, having a moral to them, or a nostalgic memory attached. The show is a mixture of funny and heart-touching, and it is a delight to watch.

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Biswa Kalyan Rath – Biswa Mast Admi

Biswa comedian mast admi
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A show by his name, Biswa Mast Admi is a must-watch for all engineering students. Filled with experiences from coaching to college, Biswa’s show is an impersonal yet nostalgic cultural ride. The typical engineering from the IIT’s dropped out for comedy trope, Biswa manages to bring a fresh comedic twist to it too. Despite being released in 2017, I find myself going back to the show, again and again, often to laugh at the same jokes.

Azeem Banatwala – Problems

Azeem banatwala
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While the shows until now, carried a common theme, and then followed that thread, Azeen Banatwala takes a departure from that trope. He instead flawlessly swims through topics like religion and democracy to mindless birdwatching and a Salman Khan joke you won’t see coming. Azeem’s jokes flow seamlessly despite the topics’ departure from each other. In a time when comedian’s jokes were meant to be funny, not thought-provoking, Azeem manages to achieve them both without sacrificing on the other. Now on Primevideo, Problems in a must-watch.

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Kanan Gill and Kenny Sebastian – Sketchy Behavior

kenny and kanan
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A departure from the usual standup routines, Sketchy Behavior is, obvious from the name, a sketch comedy show. By the enigmatic Kenny Sebastian and hilarious Kanan Gill, Sketchy Behavior is one of the best sketch comedy shows on Primevideo right now. The show comprises of 12 sketches, following a common theme: the continuity of a series. The show begins with both comedians in a comedy show, trying to ‘end’ it. However, they realize that the only way they can get out of the show is by bringing a good conclusion to all their sketches. And that’s how the show proceeds. Witty and entertaining, Sketchy behaviour has jokes and plot twists in equal measures.

Assorted Comedians – Comicstaan 1 and 2

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We have seen the same slew of comedians for too long. Now comes the time for a new generation of comedians. And to give them a helping hand, is the entire crew of the original comedians. Funny, and ingenious, the reality show explores the different genres of comedy and gives a more in depth look at each style and it’s mastery. The comedians are then judged by the same mentors, at the end of each week which, one is eliminated.

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Rohan Joshi – Wake ‘N’ Bake

rohan joshi wake and bake
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One of the best comedy shows on Primevideo till date, Wake ‘N’ Bake is part of the new genre of comedy. Despite having pretty strong opinions about the government, which you would know if you follow the comedian’s Instagram, his standup special doesn’t focus on that. His comedy style seems to hover more on the introspective side, and at the end, we not only enjoy ourselves, we learn something new. And we also agree with legalizing mariguana. Rohan is pretty good at convincing.

Vir Das – Vir Das For India

vir das for india
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Vir Das’s shows have always followed a singular theme – they’ve mostly been about India. While some have been comparisons, others have been about common experiences. I would arguably call Vir Das For India is one of the best standup comedy shows to come out this year (2019-2020). The introspective look into our country, providing both an outside looking in and an insider looking in experience was applause-worthy. The comedian manages to make each show different and seems to be flying higher with each show of his. My favourite touch was the lightings of the show.

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Kenny Sebastian – The Most Interesting Guy In The Room

kenny comedians
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Not his best, yet wonderful, Kenny’s latest standup show is an hour of introspection into the mundane life we lead. From the chappals and shoes to the personalities of different heights in college, Kenny has jokes for them all. The show is then neatly tied with a neat bow and a musical number by the maestro himself. Oh, and if you like his music, you would be pleased to know that he burst out both his harmonium and guitar once again.

Sumukhi Suresh – Don’t Tell Amma

sumukhi suresh comedians
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A different take on the life of a kid, the comedian tells the story of a girl from a small town, unlike all the others. Hilarious and enthralling, Sumukhi seems to have taken a departure from her usually riveting and dark shows to do something more light. And we promise not to tell anything to your mom Sumukhi. But considering how the show blew up due to the sheer awesomeness of it, we presume she already knows.

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