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18 Must-Read Romance Novels | List of popular romance books for young adults

It’s that moment to travel back in time and remember your first love and then the series of high school crushes. Do you remember those tingling feelings you experienced every time you saw your sweetheart? The very first high-intense emotions and feelings, the cute exchange of glances across the hall, butterfly in the stomach, cute giggles, hours of sleeplessness, and so many other so-called symptoms of love are some of the experiences that everybody has felt at least once in their lifetime. But Love has a greater meaning which cannot be defined with simple words. It is an experience. It is full of moments. It is a connection. It is sweet.

Would you like to experience them again? Through the words?

These “being in love” feelings are best described in young adult romances. Don’t you think so?

I remember reading After by Anna Todd on Wattpad around 2015 thinking about my curly-haired crush. I can still quote “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” from the famous classic. I also remember crying when I read The Fault in our Stars for the very first time. Books, especially, romance books will always have an impact on us.

Teen romance books are a cup of tea that is meant for everyone. This genre consists of the most wonderful books in existence. Most importantly, this genre presents to us different characters who explore life just like we once did or will do.

It is time to fall in love once again.

Romance Novel
Beautiful young woman relaxing and reading a Romance Novel

Wuthering Heights

Do you feel like reading a hot yet passionate love story?

A must-read Romance Novel, authored by Emily Bronte and is one of the incomparable masterpieces in the world of literature. It is a magnificent and intense romantic story that deals with an obsessive protagonist, Heathcliff. He seeks vengeance since his soulmate Catherine marries another man though she was in love with him secretly. Both lovers are forced to face a number of obstacles in their life before the man of the story realizes the depth of his love for Catherine.

This is a great book that will help you understand the psyche of a young woman in love and the world around her.

The Fault in Our Stars

It is essential to grab the box of tissue before you start this saddening story by the award-winning author, John Green.

The story is about Alex and Hazel, two cancerous patients who meet in a support group and fall in love with each other. This is one of the most heartbreaking stories that exist in the world which quietly screams the tragic reality of being ill and in love.

The romance shared between the two is so deep and strong as both understand their struggles and hardships to survive.

The Notebook

Another thrilling Romance Novel that has been attracting readers for many years now is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. The story presents Noah and Allie madly in love with each other planning to tie the knot forever but Allie’s parents don’t approve of their marriage. Soon, the story requires Noah to serve in WWII, and Allie gets involved with another man in-between. On his return back to the town, the story takes a turn and pushes the pair to face many difficulties just to survive.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, part 1

Lara Jean who has never confessed to any of her crushes before has a habit of writing letters about her feelings and saving them in a box. One fine day the box goes missing and she finds out that all her letters have been mailed to her respective crushes. Embarrassed and confused about how to handle it, she finds out that there are opportunities for good outcomes even in the worst part of the day.

The Netflix adaptation of this book is a must-watch!

When Dimple Met Rishi

Reading book
Reading book

Sandhya Menon, the writer of this book presents the hardships faced by Asian Americans. The book perfectly presents the description of the life of immigrants and their struggles. The protagonist Dimple is pressurized by her mother to get married to an Indian husband, while she plans to attend a summer program for her career. Rishi attends the exact program with her but unlike Dimple, he believes in the family tradition and is ready to satisfy his parents’ wishes regarding his marriage.

But will he be able to sway Dimple and get her to marry him?

The Truth About Forever

One of the best writings of Sarah Dessen is The Truth About Forever, which brought extreme laurels to the author. This story revolves around Macy who has been struggling since the death of her father. Her boyfriend leaves for brain camp and eventually dumps her through the mail. Feeling everything all at once pushes Macy to the realization that she needs to rebuild her life for her own sake. She ends up meeting Wes who helps her let her guard down around him.

To know more about the sufferings of this young teen and the relationship between her and Wes, read this book.


Have you ever imagined a modern-day geeky Cinderella? If so, here’s Geekrella by Ashley Poston which presents you with a geeky Ella who has an obsession with sci-fi series.

Ella desires to win the Starfield Cosplay contest which will allow her to attend the magnificent Cosplay Ball and also a special meet and greet with the lead of the series. But just like in the classic Cinderella story the stepsisters come out to ruin her dreams. Also, the life of a teen actor Darien changes completely as he meets Ella.

There’s a link between the two plots FYI!

Five Feet Apart

Rachael Lippincott has weaved a melancholic yet endearing story with Will and Stella as the tragic protagonists. They not only share the feeling of love but also the disease, cystic fibrosis.

Stella is about to get a new lung transplant and she religiously follows the Six feet apart rule until the arrival of Will Newman. Stella though she knows she has to stay away from Will, something about him makes her want to embrace the life she has now.

Two tragic terminally patients fall for each other while both want to live life instead of just surviving. This is one of the Best Romance Novel.

Half Girlfriend

A simple and straightforward Indian romance novel by the contemporary author Chetan Bhagat. This book describes the love story of Riya and Madhav who are two different people from two different backgrounds which play a role in the story. The on-and-off relationship, the frustration of being friend-zoned, and so many sufferings the two friends experience are described perfectly in this book.

Though they are from different worlds, something attracts both which eventually makes them embrace each other.

 2 States – The Story of My Marriage

Yet one another hot love story from Chetan Bhagat is a must-read romantic novel.

A beautiful love story between Krish, a Punjabi boy, and Ananya, a Tamil brahmin girl. The book is about a couple who are from two different states, religions, classes, cultures, and so on. Yet they want to get married.

Any more description of the marriage will become a spoiler. So, grab a copy and experience attending an inter-state marriage. It’s consider one of the Best Romance Novel of all times.

 The Twilight Saga

Interested in blood, vampire, and many other gothic creatures?

Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga is a series of 4 books that trace out the love story between a vampire, Edward, and a mortal, Bella. The story takes interesting turns as the plot moves forward. The book is described as extremely seductive and passionate. The passion that exists between Edward and Bella, the affection that grows between Jacob and Bella, and the so many trials and tribulations the protagonists face keeps the plot interesting throughout the collection.

It is a must-read if you are into werewolves and vampires.  

 Anna and the French Kiss

This is an international bestseller romance novel authored by Stephanie Perkins. It is indeed a dream story for each and every teen out there in the world.

Anna, the protagonist is forced to attend a boarding school in Paris. She is bummed because she’s missing her senior year at Atlanta. But things change when an English boy with extremely fluent French enters her life. The story is described as a complicated love tale with perfect description. This will take you to the French settings and will allow you to experience the elegance of the French.

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The Sun is also a Star

Do you believe that the universe works at the back? It brings together people and makes them fall in love as “meant to be”? This book by Nicola Yoon will be your best pick then.

The story evolves between Daniel and Natasha, two different personalities with two different perspectives. Natasha is a girl who believes in science and facts. She is certain that she will not fall for the boy whom she meets in the crowded street of New York. While Daniel, an unhappy boy who always tries to live up to the expectations trusts that Fate has intervened and has something in store for both of them.

Will the universe bring them together? The story explains how a small act changes the course of life.

 I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Maurene Goo presents Desi Lee as the protagonist of this novel. A girl who is the perfect student. She gets excellent grades, she is good at sports, and she is an intelligent girl who applies to Stanford. But on the other hand, Lee is not good at boys. She just doesn’t know how to talk to them but plans to learn and make a move by watching a series of Korean dramas. Maurene has done a great job of presenting the problems faced by Desi Lee in a humorous tone.

 Things just won’t go according to our plan. Isn’t it? the same happens to Lee too. It is indeed a cheesy romance story but with a twist.

 Along for the Ride

What if two lonely hearts meet? How will that connection turn out?

Sarah Dessen’s perfect writing style made this romance novel popular among the teens of the contemporary world. She presents Auden, an insomniac, who’s been feeling disturbed since her parent’s divorce. She gets an opportunity to finally witness the world of teen girls – girl talks, gossip, crushes, etc. as she joins a boutique to work. She experiences new things.

She then meets Eli, another insomniac who shows her around the nightlife of the town. Will these two lonely people find comfort in each other? – this sums up the final part of the book.

 Eleanor & Park

Eleanor and Park both are smart enough to know that first love will not last throughout life but they both are courageous enough to give it a try. The couple has a very small chance of being together and they know it.

These two lines sum up the entire book honestly. They connect by talking about 80’s music and comic books. The love that exists between the two will make you squeal in joy and cry out loud, all at once. Girls out there – do you feel like nothing makes sense except your bed? Get this romance novel and read it.

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 Everything Everything

Madeline Whittier, the protagonist suffers from a rare severe combined immunodeficiency disease which makes her allergic to everything in this world. she has never left her house for 17 years. She has never seen humans except for her mother and her nurse.

But then her entire world changes with the arrival of Olly. He moves in right next door to Madeline and makes her fall in love with him. Whether Olly is the one for whom she can risk everything? This is the final part of the story.

You will find some pretty important life quotes weaved perfectly by the author, Nicola Yoon in this book.

 This Is Kind of An Epic Love Story

A new, contemporary rom-com by Kacen Callender with Nathan Bird as the protagonist of the story who is an aspiring screenwriter. he has been heartbroken several times and hence decides not to fall in love with anyone, anymore. but the arrival of his childhood best friend, Oliver, changes everything in his life including his perspectives on love, life, and friendship.

The romance that blooms between the two is put to test.

The above-listed books are just a little part of the whole big picture. There are so many other romance books in the world to read, experience, and enjoy. These books present the world of teens, their attitudes, desires, dilemma, and so many other aspects of their life. It is essential to experience the emotion of love at least once in this lifetime.

And these romance novel will allow us to fall in love once again.

G Harikkrupa
G Harikkrupa
Literature student currently pursuing my post-graduation research project on Ecocriticism. Fascinated by the concepts of arts and aesthetics, literature, mythologies, tribes and environment, indigenous culture.


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