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Alternate Career Options for the Candidates Who Failed to Crack CAT Exam

Common Admission Test is one of the most coveted management entrance examinations in India. CAT score is accepted by all the IIMs in the country and some of the most prestigious B-Schools. As more and more graduates are opting to join management courses, the number of candidates appearing for management entrances like CAT is also exponentially increasing. Thus, each year the exam is becoming more difficult and the competition is getting harder.

Some students may need two or more attempts to clear the exam and proceed towards the career of their dreams. If you have been unsuccessful to clear CAT last year, you should not feel like a failure or get de-motivated. You can definitely try to prepare harder and sit for the exam again. Candidate can also look for some alternative options. Regardless of how it may feel, failing the CAT examination is not the end of the world! There are several options available to you for a prospective career. Let us take a look at those.

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Other MBA Entrances

If you are really passionate about a management career, you can opt for the other management entrances like MAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, IIBSAT, NMAT, GMAT etc. The scores of all these tests are also accepted by some of the best B-Schools in the country. Syllabus for all the management entrance exams in India is more or less similar with little modifications in the test patterns. So it would be easier if you have already prepared for CAT.

Executive MBA

If you are a graduate with work experiences of 3 to 5 years, an Executive MBA can open doors to a lucrative career. Several B-Schools in India including XLRI, ISB, and IIMs offer Executive MBA to students with job experiences. Some of the courses are also offered online.

Short Term Diploma Courses

Several short term courses (certificates) in management or full-time PG diploma or master’s degree programmes are available for graduates. You can pursue a course in luxury brand management, human resources, marketing, and several other fields. With these degrees and certificates, you can step into a prospective career in the relevant fields.

Bank Examinations

Banking in both Public and Private sector is quite a prospective job for students interested in a career in management. Bank exams like IBPS-PO, RBI Grade A, SBI-PO and others conducted by private banks can be your key to a satisfying career as a bank manager. Moreover, the syllabus of such exams is also quite similar to CAT syllabus, making it easier for CAT aspirants to crack. You will need to brush up your general knowledge, banking knowledge, and current affairs for which there are several books and resources that you can find offline and online.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is a 4-year course for graduates who wish to pursue a career in management without going for CAT. This course will cover aspects of management, accounting, financial management, investment etc. and trains the students to handle important financial decisions for companies. A Chartered Financial Analyst is a reputable professional credential from the CFA Institute and is recognized internationally. The most problematic part is passing the CFA exams, but you just need to find the best learning approach and suitable CFA study materials.

Take a Shot at a Different Career

A lot of students in India opt for a management degree due to parental pressure, societal pressure or peer pressure. Unless you are extremely passionate about the management career, you can always try a career shift and pursue your true calling. There are several courses that can lead to a successful career. You can also turn one of your hobbies or passions into a full-fledged career with the help of such courses. For example, if you love photography and spend most of your free time with your DSLR, a photography course can mean an independent and successful career.

Then there are other choices as well if pursuing hobbies are not your thing. Online certification courses in Animation, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Networking, Programming Languages etc. can help you gain the required skills to get a good job.

Moreover, once you have prepared for CAT, you are already half prepared for government examinations for various departments in India. Some of the exams that may interest you are – Civil Service Exams, Staff Selection Commission Exams, Public Service Commission Exams and State Government Exams.

CAT is an important milestone for a great career but it is not the only one. Your career should depend on the field that interests you the most, your aptitude for the same and the kind of work you are willing to do. So, if you have failed to crack CAT, do not lose heart and start exploring all the other options until you find the one that fits.


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