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All about Graduate record examination 2019

With a lot of online exams and opportunities available for students to give it a try and study abroad GRE is considered as on of the toughest to crack. Let’s take a keen look on this test and get to know what it is all about.

About Graduate record examination 2019

GRE stands for graduate record exam which is a standard exam required for admission in graduate schools in the United States. The exam assesses your critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning skills.  More than a million students appear for this exam every year to apply for masters and doctoral courses abroad.

Facts about Graduate record examination 2019

Annual number of test takersMore than 5 lacs in 2017
Scores valid inUnited States
Grade validity5 years
PurposeAdmission in master’s and doctoral degree
Administered byEducational testing service

Graduate record examination 2019eligibility

As the name suggests this exam is taken to get admission in the graduate schools abroad hence it is necessary that the aspirant must have completed the under graduate course to apply for this test. There is no set age limit by the administration department.

Types of Graduate record examination 2019

GRE exam is divided into 2 types:

Graduate record examination general test:

The general test is based to test your knowledge on verbal reasoning, quantitative ability and analytical writing skills. Most of the universities consider the score of the general test and maximum number of students applies for the same.

It is a computer based test with duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes and can be taken once in every 21 days.

Graduate record examination subject test:

This test is planned to assess your knowledge on a particular subject and is attempted by the students who want to apply for specialization in particular subjects. This test is conducted for microbiology, chemistry, literature, math, physics, and psychology. The GRE subject test is conducted on a fixed date like any other entrance exam.

It is a paper-based test and is conducted only thrice in a year in the months of September, October, and April.

Graduate record examination 2019 fees

The fees for is examination has to be paid in US dollars and it is not allowed to be paid in your local currency.

Rest of the world$205

Other charges

Late registration fees$25
Standby testing$50
Rescheduling fees$53.90
Changing test center$50
Additional score reports$27
Score review$50

Graduate record examination 2019exam pattern

GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests both have different exam patterns. On one hand, GRE General Test assesses skills acquired through everyday learning overtime while on the other hand GRE Subject Tests measures the knowledge in a particular field of study.

Graduate record examination 2019 general test

This test is again taken in 2 parts computer-based pattern and paper-based pattern. Let’s have a look at both the patterns.

Computer-based test

This test is divided into 6 sections with a duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Verbal reasoning section assesses your reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and vocabulary. The section consists of  2 parts with20 questions in each part.

Quantitative reasoning section is there to assess to mathematical knowledge in depth and is further divided into 2 parts comprising of 20 questions each with a time allotment of only 35 minutes per section.

Analytical writing part has 2 sections where you have to write essays on any given topic. This part has 2 questions and you will be given 30 minutes to complete it. Students are made to write an essay on 2 topics based on Analyze an issue and analyze an argument.

Paper-based test

This part is divided into six sections two sections each of Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning with a duration of 3 hours 30 minutes and a 10 minutes break after the second section.

Aspirants can attempt the VR and QR section in any order they wish. The analytical section has to be attempted first followed by the other two sections.

Graduate record examination 2019 subject test

The duration of GRE subject test is 2 hours and 50 minutes. This is a subject based test and comprises of 6 different subjects which a student can choose and apply for.

Biology has 190 questions from three major areas: cellular and molecular biology, organism biology, and ecology and evolution.

Chemistry has 130 multiple choice questions from all four traditional parts of chemistry and interrelationship models.

Literature part comprises of 230 questions in total based on the essay, the short story, the novel, criticism, literary theory, poetry, drama, biography and the history of English language

Mathematics consists of 66 questions from the entire undergraduate level syllabus

Physics has 100 questions in total aimed at clarity and in-depth knowledge of the subject by the aspirants

Psychology has 205 multiple choice questions from the core knowledge that covers the entire syllabus of undergraduate level

Graduate record examination result

All the candidates will receive an email from GRE about the declaration of the result which they can check by logging in to their respective accounts.

A copy of the scorecard is also sent within 15 days and for the paper test, it takes around 5 weeks. Additional GRE Score Reports can be requested by candidates online, via mail or fax by paying an additional charge of $27 which will be sent to the students within a week.

If you are not satisfied with your result than a score review can also be done by paying a fee of $50

GRE scoring system

Both the GRE tests have different scoring systems the details for which are discussed below:

GRE general test: The verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections are given scores from 130-170 with a plus 1 on every correct answer and the analytical section has a range of 0-6 with half point increment.

GRE subject test: all the subjects have the same score range of 200 to 990 with 10 points increment except biology and psychology which have a range of 20-99 with 1 point increment

How to register for GRE?

There are 2  ways in which you can register for GRE in India

  • Online registration
  • Mail registration

Online registration

  • Candidates who are planning to fill their form online must have an ETS account or must make one.
  • Fill in all your details and do not forget to cross check them before submitting to avoid discrepancies in the future.
  • All payment options are accepted in filling the form
  • Online registration is not available for aspirants with disabilities and health-related needs.

Mail registration

Complete the Registration Form for the GRE Subject Tests and mail it with payment to the address printed on the form. The form must be received at ETS by the registration deadline. Allow four weeks for processing.

After your mail registration has been processed

You will receive a confirmation mail which will have all the details related to exam date, venue, time.

You might also be asked to provide a voice sample and photo, refusing to which will lead to cancellation of your registration


After reading this article I hope you must be clear about the GRE exam and its major points. Now get ready and start preparing for your attempt and come out with flying colors.


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