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The World Ends Here

The adventure long lost

For the world never stays the same after

Not called upon much by one

But this love found me in the desert

Where I searched for you in the horizon

In the sandy dunes under the Sun

The hot air in the oasis

Brought me your fragrance, it was then that it all vanished

I was then turned up in the mountains up north

Where the cold ice caps soothed me

With its visualisation about you

I saw and took the snow in my hands

Hoping it would be you that I’d grasp

It’s coldness didn’t bother me

For it was your warmth that I looked for

But as I looked at my hands

The snow turned water, the cold ice caps were no longer to be seen

The climate turned pleasant

The chirping of the birds awoke me

And the greenery all around reminded me

Of your love, it’s everlasting strength

The never-ending distance it covers

It all just takes me in

For it was this love that I’d been waiting for

For so long, since eternity it seems to me

It couldn’t have been better, this moment

Just as I think of it, the nature changes again

This time I stand in a room, my room

In front of the reflector, the silver painted reflector

It shows me, me

It explains to me what I had been searching for all this time

Roaming in all the corners of the world

Was all the time inside me

You were inside me

I was inside you

And will always be, for this love,

The strange, strange love

Captures all and makes us one

We are one, you and me

And the world ends here

For there could be no better place to live

And no better feeling to be felt

The world ends at us


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