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Improve your English fluency in 3 easy steps

There’s no denying the fact that English plays a very important role in our lives today. This is one thing that , kind of , sets up the first impression in any kind of formal meeting, function or whatever the case may be. And definitely, it is a great confidence booster as well.
As far as I know, English is taught as a compulsory subject in most Indian schools, right from the elementary level. Indians know how to write English (may be not perfectly, but yes, in varying degrees, of course). But the point is, how many of these people can actually speak English fluently?
Speaking English is not as difficult as it seems (if you know the basics of the language). But people are generally hesitant to speak, mainly due to under-confidence and lack of practice, eventually leading to stammered words with little fluency.
If you are keen on improving your English fluency, check out the following list that will hopefully help you do your job.
1. Watch English movies, series, news, videos, etc. If you are unable to catch up with the dialogues in the movies, use subtitles. Once you become comfortable with the subtitles after watching several movies, perhaps, try some without them. This is a simple way, and may take a bit of your time, but believe me, it is definitely worth it. Just give it a try. Go at your own pace. You will be rewarded.

2. Listen to English songs. Another great way to develop your English fluency whilst having fun in your pastime. Create your playlist as per the genres you love. You may not get the lyrics at first. Check out the lyrics with any website, then go back to the song and try to follow them. Pay attention to the singer’s pronunciation. Keep humming the songs in leisure. May be this sounds way too simple, but yes! It is effective .

3. And finally, practice, practice and just practice! There is no alternative to this. The more you practice, the more confident you become. Just grab a chance and start speaking in English whenever and wherever it is possible. You will definitely see an improvement in your fluency.

All being said, the bet is all yours now. Stop thinking, start speaking.
Enjoy English. Yes, it’s fun!


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