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5 Lesser Known Websites that are Pretty Useful

A common occurrence in our daily lives is getting stuck with thoughts that need to be answered, tricky doubts that need to be answered or useful resources that provide help in the way we seek. Though our family and friends can come in handy a good number of times, it can so happen at times that they could be unavailable or do not have the answer.

In such a scenario, we turn to the most trusted platform in the present world, internet. However, it does happen at times that we search endlessly without finding what we seek. At such a point, everyone of us wish we had a website that can exactly cater to our need.

Such websites might not be as popular, but they exist in a good number and are both effective and suit us. It takes a lot of effort and a slice of luck however, to find them. So, let’s take a look at 5 such sites that are pretty useful and need to be remembered in the time of need.

1. Bonobology

We, human beings are the most complex creatures on this earth and we have loads of emotions to deal with. We rarely tend to share our relationship issues with anyone and especially if the issues are with our better half’s. Bonobology is a relationship portal and you can find multiple posts on anything you are dealing with.

The content varies from love, friendship, marriage, divorce, break-up and anything related to relationships that one can think of. Further, one can also start discussions and ask questions that will be answered in due time.

Finally, if you have a knack of writing then your advice and your story are most welcome! What else do you want from a website?

2. Memrise

Do you feel like improving vocabulary or learn new languages, history and science in titbit amounts in a fun, interactive manner? If yes, Memrise is the site for you. The site offers courses in over 200 languages with a special adaptive technology that moulds the difficulty and pace of the course based on your learning rate. Now, that’s exciting, right?

The site also comes in the form of apps on your mobile as well, making sure you don not miss your learning time while travelling too. Further, a feature exists to create your own courses as well! Another good point about Memrise is that they support gaming too!

A fantastic site to satiate your thirst for learning at your own pace, Memrise is definitely a site you must visit.

3. Snopes

Confused between myth and legends or do you see a popular rumour that you want to validate? Well, Snopes is the site for you. Snopes promotes itself as a source for dispelling myths, getting to the bottom of folklores and urban legends.

So, the next time you visit a place and hear its legend, or read something on the internet that needs verification, you know where to go. The interface and presentation is interesting and the content is exactly what you will be looking for at that moment of doubt.

So, you want to know how the raccoon got its mask?

4. Hostelbookers

There are a ton of websites offering stays in different places for tourists and businesspersons alike. However, if you are someone looking for budget accommodation or a student travelling around the world, then it is pretty difficult to find a reasonable place to stay. However, look no further than HostelBookers.

This site satisfies all the criteria cited above and is spread across the world over 3500+ destinations. Designed specifically for budget travellers and students, the site offers affordable youth hostels and cheap hotels and has a pleasant interface as well.

Staying away from home doesn’t get cheaper, does it?

5. Fitday

Did you ever wish for a website that can help not just keep track of the activities during the day but also the diet intake? Fitday is one such app with a plethora of information on nutrition, that can help you plan both your diet and daily activities well.

Fitday provides data analysis in the form of charts and graphs to reach your selected goals. A special feature is the mood screen that takes into account your mood as well. Overall, Fitday is a good motivator for your daily goals and provides a unique experience with the content it offers.



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