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Why Should You Opt For Cyber Security As A Career Right Now?

In a scary, yet incredibly hilarious turn of events, the Twitter accounts of a huge horde of influential personas were hacked to promote a Bitcoin scam. If you are already blowing off this piece of news, the people who fell victim were CEOs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and even celebrities like Kanye West. This is the age of the internet and it has become increasingly important that we learn how to protect our data.

With features like cookies and targeted ads on websites, we do not realize the amount of personal data we give up. If you have ever read about the Cambridge Analytica scandals you know that your personal data and online presence can actually make a difference in world politics, which will directly impact you.

The only way to ensure your data to be safe from online fraudsters and corrupt hackers and corporations is to safeguard it actively. Cybersecurity experts around the world are actively involved in helping people and corporations safeguard their data every day. While you could enlist their help too, it oft may get too expensive. However, that stands to say that a career in cybersecurity right now is extremely lucrative. So, in today’s argument, I lay out a compelling article on why you should opt for a career in cybersecurity.

The Words ‘Cyber’ and ‘Security’ Turn Heads.

Did you know that cybersecurity is so lucrative right now that it has reportedly a zero percent unemployment rate? Imagine this. There are around ten billion people in the world right now, almost all of them have lived in both the physical and virtual world. Social media culture has trained the audience’s psyche to show off their lives, especially how grandiose it is. What we are soon coming to realize is that while social media serves as a very good validation center, it is also the crockpot for data insecurity. More and more of the general population is realizing the need for data security.

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 This is all while their need for validation and catchy content is ever increasing. People won’t stop sharing intimate details of their life to get that hit of validation that they are doing good. However, they will start looking for alternatives that protect them while they continue sharing. This is where cybersecurity jumps in. As data security becomes more decentralized from corporations to the common populace, more and more professionals in the field are required.

The Cyber Security Field Is Like A Microorganism – Ever Expanding, Ever Growing.

When cybersecurity first started as a field that people could perform jobs in, it was grouped with the IT department of companies. Cybersecurity, data security wasn’t given as much importance as it is now. However now, data security is being given a completely different division in corporations to protect sensitive information. For this, corporations need people who have specialized and practice cybersecurity as a profession, not as an extension.

As long as the internet grows, the need for cybersecurity will increase. The internet is like a living being – it has innumerable functions under the surface. Cybersecurity needs to gain that sentient quality the internet has. All this so that we don’t let malicious content take a precedent on what the internet is. So cybersecurity will be ever expandible, and right now, it is the market that will be on the upswing.

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The Field Has A Lot of Variety.

With cutting edge technology making itself known to the common populace almost every six months, there are new challenges to face every day. Countries like China and the USA have already introduced 5G, which is faster and much much more efficient. India is also following in their footsteps, with Mukesh Ambani introducing Jio 5G. He has announced that it shall be out by 2021. With all these advancements, the scope of vulnerability is increasing.

Why Should You Opt For Cyber Security As A Career Right Now?
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Corporations now need cybersecurity experts more than ever. And the expertise you have can be extensively diversified simply due to the scope of the subject. Briefly speaking, cybersecurity is simply a blanket term for all the kinds of internet, data security we need.

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Cyber Security Is Essentially Puzzle Solving – It Will Never Leave You Bored.

What is cybersecurity? Essentially speaking, cybersecurity is all about identifying, understanding, and addressing risks. It is almost like you are actively plugging leaks that may appear in your boat. You could go in blind and simply keep plugging the holes you immediately see, it will only get you so far. A better tactic would be to map all the probable leaks in the boat based on the strength of that part.

This is exactly what creating an algorithm is about. So cybersecurity is like solving a puzzle, with coding as a weapon on your side if you know how to use it well. Thinking of cybersecurity as a constant puzzle-solving contest keeps it endlessly entertaining, and a profession you could get passionate about.

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Do Something Good For The World.

There are some jobs that are not exactly white or black. Cyber Security, like a lot of them, is one of these. You could get into the wrong crowd and do a lot of harm to a lot of people. Or, you could help people in need, give them the protection they need. If you are wondering about who I am talking about, here is an example. If you have heard about the Dark Web, you would know that a majority of the internet is actually Dark Web. The Dark Web is the hub of illegal activity such as human trafficking, child pornography, organ harvesting, and business.

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With such evils lurking right beneath our noses, you can actually do some good by fighting them. An anonymous source, claiming to be a hacker, recently broke and dismantled at least 20% of the internet in what was a massive child pornography business. While nobody knows his name for safety reasons, you do realize the kind of good he has done in the world. You have the chance to do that too. If you can feel that in your bones, maybe it’s time you take up Cyber Security.

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