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Kaitlyn Dever: Personal Life, Career, Movies, TV Shows and More.

One of the best quirky teenage movies to come out of 2019 was undoubtedly Booksmart. With the hilarious Beanie Feldstein and charming Kaitlyn Dever, the movie is set to be a classic teenage comedy. The movie introduced to us two new breakouts in acting and today we talk about one of them. Kaitlyn Dever is an American singer and songwriter and was born in December. That makes her a Saggitarius! Read on for more about the beautiful and talented Kaitlyn Dever.

Early Life.

Kaitlyn was born in Phoenix, Arizona to her parents Tim and Kathy Denver. She is not an only child and is succeeded by her two sisters Mady and Jane. Her interest in the arts developed naturally and parents noticing it sent her to an acting school immediately. She was at first into acting, ballet and skating. All of them had an equally bright future for her. However, Kaitlyn dropped skating and ballet to focus only on acting.

Her father, Tim Dever was given the famous role of Barney the purple dinosaur and the family had to move to Texas. However, this bodes well for Kathy. She joined the local and quite well known Dallas Young Actors Studio for a month long-acting program. As she honed her acting skills, she managed to get commercial offers, some going as far as to Los Angeles. Following the offers, she moved out of home and onto Los Angeles.

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Kaitlyn’s most notable acting stints come from movies she played the main role in, American Girl and it’s sequel. After the two movies, she got a breakout role as Lorretta McCready on America’s FX series Justified. She also soon got cast in Last Man Standing, as a series regular. She stars alongside Tim Allem, as his youngest daughter in the show. After the seventh season of the show, Dever’s appearance on the show reduced, with her focusing on other film projects.

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Dever’s career despite being of such a young age has been quite impressive. She has starred in almost all the worldwide renowned TV shows such as Modern Family, The Mentalist, Last Man Standing, Private Practice and many, many more. And these are simply her TV show stints. She has also appeared in many Hollywood movies.

2014 – Present.

2014 saw her in the dark comedy film Laggies, starring alongside Chloe Grace Moretz and the beautiful Keira Knightly. She has also starred in Men, Women and Children directed by the illustrious Jason Reitman. She has starred in drama thrillers like Them That Follow. Her range is commendable as 2019 just saw her in the teenage coming of age comedy Booksmart. She starred alongside Beanie Feldstein and was fabulous in her role.

Her most acclaimed role yet was in Unbelievable, a Netflix Original miniseries. She received a Golden Globe for her performance in the series. Dever also received a Critic’s Choice Award and a BAFTA for the same. She shall be starring in the television special Coastal Elites on HBO next.

The actress has not even left the music industry wanting. Her and her sister Mady make up the musical duo group Beulahbelle and they have just recently released their first single, “Raleigh”.

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An Interview With The Actress Herself.

Coveteur recently took an interview with Dever, where they asked a bunch of questions to know this phenomenal actress better. So we picked out some of the best answers and here it is, a glimpse into the Booksmart actress herself.

Golden Globes
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Dever says in the interview that the golden globe nomination was her biggest accomplishment as of yet. She, however, hopes to achieve more and more with time. Dever attributes all her achievements to the atmosphere and the people she works with. She especially mentions how cool it is that she took the chance to meet numerous female directors. Another special moment in Dever’s life is when in an interview, where Michelle Obama mentions that Booksmart was one of her most favourite movies of all time.

When asked about her schedule, and how she escaped the rigourous schedule it was, Dever placed high emphasis on music. “During the shooting of Unbelievable, Jason Reitman suggested that I make music playlists that my character would identify most with. It was character development of sorts.”

Dever’s Interests.

Dever mentions that while the stardom is something she takes in stride, there are some actors that still manage to strike her speechless. One of those actors includes Jonaquin Phoenix who has been Dever’s forever crush according to her. She is really interested in music and has recently released a single with her sister. Dever mentions as affinity for skincare on flights and avidly spoke about the benefits of eucalyptus rolls.

Kaitlyn Dever: Personal Life, Career, Movies, TV Shows and More.
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The Booksmart actor also sat down and spoke with Coveteur about the projects that lay in store for her. Kaitlyn simply skimmed over one that she didn’t name. She simply said that it was something really cool. Dever mentioned new music coming from the sisters.

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She also told us about the Monsterland anthology that she was starring in. Dever mentioned that the show was heartbreaking, especially with regards to her character and that she looked forward to her audience’s reactions.

Monsterland is a story of a series of terrifying tales unfold as a mind finds refuge from a monster apocalypse. The story revolves around him hiding in a movie theatre and watching the chaos unfold. In the story, humans are at the bottom of the food chain. Dever is to play 19-year-old Toni, a struggling waitress and mother to a troubled little girl. We can’t wait to see Dever in this role, which shall surely be unique and fabulous just like her.

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