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The Mathematics of Optimistic Life – 10 rules which will teach you to live!

Optimistic Life! Well I am not here to give lectures on happiness and being positive! Just telling you to be happy or to be positive won’t make a difference. But I extremely wanted to make a difference which is really practical.

So here I have listed some small traits which you can include in your day to day life right from this second and observe how big difference it makes in the way you see your life!

But before going further, I would like to make a clause. Clause that whatever you are going to read next, you will have to apply all those rules it in your day to day life right from now! Or else it will be nothing but a lecture and will make no change in what way you are going.

” enough of the introduction, now let’s see a beautiful PICTURE ”

– the author 🙂

Optimistic Life
The Mathematics of Optimistic Life - 10 rules which will teach you to live!

Optimistic Life Rule No. 1 – Stop bothering about small things

Now understand what this actually means! We all have a tendency to make big out of small issues. Most of us react in a wrong way to many things which may or may not be wrong. Remember, the value of things is not determined by the way they are but by the way you react to them!

For instance, someone told you something you don’t like, or forgot to tell you something, or maybe there happened mismatch of opinions with someone. You need to understand, life is too big to worry about small things like these.

There are many many other such small things in your life which I haven’t mentioned here. But it seems, you are giving too much worth to those things! And here comes the point of seeing positive in everything and divinity in everyone.

Rule No. 2 – Have a hobby! If not, then develop one

Not only hobbies make you more attractive but also help in overall personality development. Learn something new, read, research or do something productive daily. If you have difficulty developing a hobby, check out the list of hobbies on google.

Try to find a hobby which matches your personality. That’s what adds to a interesting and optimistic life. And there is nothing wrong in exploring yourself!

”Whatever you like to do, make it a hobby and whatever the world likes to do, make it a business” – Warren Buffett

Rule No. 3 – Slow Down and breath

Believe me or not, rather than living the life aggressively start to slow down. Spend time with yourself, your loved ones, your hobbies. Learn to balance your various roles in life. The best way of doing this is to start meditating and if not meditation find some time from your busy life to do some breathing exercises.

Whenever you feel stressed or tensed, start a habit of doing some breathing exercise in that moment.

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Rule No. 4 – If you have a habit of bitching, stop it now!!!

Why? Because it’s cruel. Not bad but cruel. Are you a strong believer of karma? If not then think again. The negativity you spread, eventually will come back to you. Apologizing, appreciating and helping people without being selfish will not only make you a good person but also you will live a great life.

Optimistic Life
The Mathematics of Optimistic Life - 10 rules which will teach you to live!

Rule No. 5 – Watch your actions

Imagine after you die, what are the good and bad things which people will remember about you? That’s when you realize, how important it is to watch your actions. Whatever you do, you say, how you react all collectively describe the type of person you are!

No one wants to hear anything bad about him/her. So to hear good about yourself you will have to give good actions.

Optimistic Life Rule No. 6- Live in the moment

By this I definitely mean that you should stop living the social media life and stop focusing on making memories. Live in the moment and memories will be made for sure. Memories have to be natural and not made by you.

Stop sharing everything on social media, when you eat food just enjoy eating it rather than clicking it because food is to eat. Everyone today is living a fake social media life. Don’t be a crap, live real! Most people have lost their real charm behind that concealed life.

Rule No. 7 – Watch a Stand – up comedy

It is important to lighten your mood after a hard day, watching some comedy show and laughing promotes good health and relaxes you. Follow this step for living an optimistic life. Laughter refreshes you!

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Rule No. 8 – Have some sense of humor

Remember those days, when we used to sing ”Good morning teacherrrrr, have a nice dayy teacheerrr”. How cheerful it was! And then at the end ” Thank youu teacherrr”. Those were the days where we laughed even without any reason.

And now, we don’t laugh even if there is a reason to! We can’t bring those days back but we can definitely live like them. Humor is essential in life. Sometimes in a problem, it’s not the problem which is affecting us. It is how we are reacting to it. So make a joke out of the problem! And laugh on it.

Optimistic Life
The Mathematics of Optimistic Life - 10 rules which will teach you to live!

Rule No. 9 – Count your blessings

Seriously, Count them!! 1..2..3..4..5…and so on!

Another step towards an optimistic life is to really count your blessings on your fingers! Seriously use those fingers! Consider all those stuff that you have which others want but can’t have. That’s when you realize how blessed you are.

Optimistic Life Rule No. 10 – Time heals everything

This is not a thing which you have to do, it is just a thing to realize. Whatever damage that happened, it will heal with time. Life goes on! Good days come. Let time heal everything.

Sometimes, it is good not to control things and let them happen. Eventually, everything comes together. Eventually, time heals everything.

If you really liked these rules, do share it with your loved ones. Because sharing is caring :) And that we live for our loves ones!
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