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Pink 2016- An Open letter to Indian Women

I usually make the most of  this platform to produce a tribunal on which cinema can be argued, analysed and ruminated upon. I have used other stages for the same, few years back from now. There have been movies  that have left a deep impact on my soul. Some as bite of masterly brilliance, some as muse of our society and some solely as part of our soul. The film ‘PINK’ with relatively new looks and one legendary man at the morion talks of a mere term. A term that is missing in the pages of the lexicon. A term no one sifts for, a term no one ponder about. It’s just a term out there, used usually but of no effect. The term? No. It has a intense seated impulse on the passage our association functions. It’s a right and a affirmation.

 I will not ‘reconsider ‘Pink’. I cannot. I don’t entitled to. I don’t deserve to annotate upon the beds of narrative that movie inquire into. The next step that I will do is to write an open letter from this media to every Indian women. Please go through to find out WHY ?

An Open letter to Indian Women from a Shameful Indian male

Dear Indian Women,

I have confront you in distinct forms as a mother, a sister, a friend, a lover. Then what is the reason that I have sink you as a person? Yes, I have sank you and all I have to propose for that is a petty plea. A mother instance of my cowardliness and nescience as an Indian male. But, this sorry is inevitable.

On account, everytime I have not impede a person from perforating your meekness with his eyes. I have thoughtlessly become a part of a system that objectifies you.

I am sorry for the things that everytime I didn’t stop your family from marrying you off at a point when you didn’t want to marry, I became the part of the culture that conjecture a woman as a ln accountability that needs to be passed off as soon as possible.

I am sorry for everytime when I didn’t stop your mind to think as to whether the length of your skirt was a little or too short, I became part of that society which judges a woman’s character based on her choice of apparel.

I am sorry  for everytime when I let someone to tell you not to go out at night. I became part of a culture that refuses to teach a lesson to its son.

I am sorry for allowing societies to stop you on the point of bringing your boyfriends over to your flats but didn’t have the same point of view for men, I became part of mechanism that makes your life miserable.

I am sorry for everytime I allowed hostel to approve me to return late but not you. I became part of a homage that mortify you in the name of defence.

I am sorry for everytime I allowed a man to reach you thinking assent was inferred. I became part of a norm that invalidate your averment.

I am sorry for everytime I laughed at a non veg joke and expected you to do same sort of thing.I became a part of a body that awaits you to internalize your grief.

I am sorry for everytime you had to bear people gazing at you because you were either drinking or smoking and I didn’t do anything to stop that thing. I became a fraction of a motion that is practically curb your selection.

I am sorry for everytime  I allowed someone to hinder you form functions and places of worshipping you were on your menstrual cycle. I became part of a thought that propagates misogyny.I am sorry for everytime when u feels scared enrolling a murky lane

I am sorry for everytime when u feels scared enrolling a murky lane

Everytime, you set aside those Eve teasers

Everytime, you had to put several efforts to become strong enough to face the situation

Everytime, you had to undergo a challenge in order to be free

Everytime, when you had to hear some boy being told not to fight and cry like a girl

Everytime when had to feel embarrassed to buy those sanitary napkin

Everytime when you had to hear not to go into a certain profession as it was not a girl’s job

Everytime, when you have sleepless nights in the name of love

I became a part of a nation that uses it’s safety as a terms for misogyny.A nation that vindicate allof it by claiming to push women up. I became a part of a nation that disrespects you, molests you, rapes you, harasses you, prohibits you, restrains you again and again and above.

I am the part of this system which makes me feel so shameful

For all of this, I have just a craven sorry.

And a promise that I refuse to be all of the above from now.

Sincerely apologies

From a shameful Indian male

Diksha Yadav
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