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Top 10 Free online course Websites

Quite a lot of people use educational training as a lucrative machine. Basic education is something that all individuals require in order to face challenges in life. Despite the fact that many utilize education as a source of revenue, some sites provide quality education, absolutely free of cost.

Free online education has given a beam of hope to the meritorious students who used to give up on their dreams due to financial issues. After all, what matters is your insight and hard work rather than the medium or platform.

So, we bring you a list of platforms that will help you make your skills sharper and smarter. Here is a rundown of the platforms that provide free quality education


Think of a course and you get access to it through this site. Though you need to pay to earn a certificate, it offers more than 1600 free courses without offering a certificate. It is quite appropriate for those who aspire to crack competitive exams and cannot afford those expensive coachings. Coursera offers numerous free certification courses to celebrate various occasions. Likewise, currently, it is offering free certification for 10 courses in the honor of Pride Month.


Do you want to turn your hobby into a profession? If yes, Udemy is the most appropriate platform as it offers various courses from academic and creative fields. Courses like photography, marketing, web development, design, and so forth are all available under a single roof, named Udemy. Also, taught by professional experts, the teaching style is such that beginners do not face obstacles with maintaining the pace. Accordingly, prequalification is not required and learners can begin from scratch.


EDX is a MOOC (massive open online course) founded by renowned universities like MIT and Harvard in partnership with leading universities namely, Boston, Oxford, and many more. Accordingly, it is one of the most trustworthy and reliable websites that impart free education. It offers more than 3000 courses related to design, software, healthcare, business, etc. taught by more than 6000 instructors. However, to receive a degree or certificate, you need to pay a significant amount of $50-$100.

Khan Academy

A non-profit multilingual academy that aims to offer free knowledge to students worldwide in 36 languages. From playgroup to professional courses, each lesson is explained thoroughly with the use of data and flow charts including maths, science, computer programming, social science, and more. Moreover, it guides you for entrance into well-known foreign institutions by making you prepare for standardized exams, for instance, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, and so forth. Additionally, Khan Academy Kids is an application for children from age 2-7 that provides fun lessons that make learning facile.


For the most part, learning a language requires immense determination, the right instructor, proper techniques, and most essentially expenses. Learning a new language has never been easier. Duolingo, as the name suggests, offers multiple language courses, free of cost. It uses unique ways to make the students learn through fun and engaging games from the beginners level. You can set a daily goal and get track of your performance every time you perform a task.

YouTube Learning

As we all are well aware, YouTube is the largest platform that lets you gain knowledge from almost every field without shedding a single penny. Ample educators are available to teach about academics, creativity, dance, and whatnot. Recently, ‘YouTube Learning’ was launched wherein the education-focused creators create useful content for the students. It is one of the largest platforms that reach a huge amount of learners. Furthermore, YouTube Kids is another platform for kids between the age of 2-14 that provides tutorials and educational videos along with poems and much more.


As Ted suggests, here you can interact with the instructors and customize the courses according to your skills and preferences. Though it is an educational website for students pursuing higher studies, it is accessible to all age groups. Also, it constitutes ted speakers who give motivational speeches on subjects like psychology, philosophy, business, health, etc that in turn makes students learn more.


In the digital era, none of the technology-driven components is conceivable without coding. Building websites and web applications might change your career and that is exactly what it aims at. They suggest you a web course in accordance with your reason to learn. It helps you master languages of the web like HTML, CSS, Python, SQL and JavaScript. Moreover, all these languages are cost-free, however, the quizzes require a PRO subscription that is also offered as scholarships in various schools.

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Big Think

It consists of one of the best experts in their respective fields who provide personally researched and authentic study material to the students. Students get the privilege of getting free access to the notes, video lectures, chapter-wise recordings, etc. They can interact with the experts as well as put their opinions forward that are in turn considered in designing the study material for the courses.

Academic Earth

Collaborated with plenty of renowned universities, this free education website offers numerous unique modes like podcasts and live video lectures. It covers degree courses related to business, information technology, health, psychology, accounting, etc. to fulfil the professional as well as personal needs of the learners. Commence your course by just opting for the degree you wish to pursue, and selecting the category.


Generally, students face obstacles during their preparation for entrance exams due to a lack of material on the web. Brightstorm provides free consultancy for clearance of doubts and the required study material for entrance and other competitive exams. Mathematics is a subject that for most of the part creates problems for aspirants, therefore it provides a specialized in-depth math video library with over 800 concepts along with detailed solutions. Additionally, it also provides solutions in regards to history, science, geography, etc.

Internet Archive

Despite the fact that it does not provide certification or degree of completion, it provides authentic archives from the most appropriate mediums. It is a non-profitable virtual library that provides millions of books with their latest editions. You can access the material without shedding a single penny for which you would otherwise be paying quite a lot. You can opt for books in accordance with various libraries and preferences.


A website that functions on specific keywords, sounds fun, isn’t it? Howcast is a free website with a portal that functions on the keyword ‘how’ and offers a huge amount of options to choose from, beginning with the same. You can access the best how-to videos here, for instance, how to bake, how to solve algebraic problems, how to draw in 3 steps, etc. Furthermore, there are ample categories available for almost every topic related to educational as well as day-to-day activities.


Meritnation has been a major go-to website since we were in elementary school. It used to be our companion in solving truckloads of homework with the most facile solutions possible. Not only does it make you escape the teacher’s berate, but also provides the right assistance by the online experts available 24*7 for doubt-solving sessions. It is most known for providing NCERT and textbook solutions for every subject.


Accessible online as well as on mobile application, it is a great medium to exchange notes virtually. You can upload study material and notes in the form of flashcards that makes it all the more engaging and easy to learn. Millions of cost-free study materials for high school and college students are available on the application. It is quite useful as a social studying tool alongside reviewing and creating cards.

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