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Top 15 Fellowships in India

We all more likely than not must have heard about a fellowship. However, not many of us know much about it. Isn’t it? So, is it a legitimate job? Or then is it an on-campus internship? Certainly, none of them. A fellowship is a monetary benefit offered to graduates or post-graduates who wish to pursue advanced studies without using every last cent. Organizations usually look for meritorious fellows with high grades as well as dedicated researchers.

Now, the question emerges if fellowships only offer monetary compensation? In addition to monetary benefits, loan forgiveness, free lodging, health insurance, or even a living allowance that covers travel costs might be offered if you have truly promising careers ahead of you.

The eligibility criteria of the fellowship might have perplexed you. Mostly, fellowships are related to a particular field. To outline, fellowships like Ratan Tata Fellowship for engineering graduates, humanitarian fellowships for sociology graduates pioneering community-based initiatives, doctoral fellowships offered to Ph.D. students, and so forth.

Here are 15 such pursuable fellowships in accordance with your fields

Gandhi Fellowship Program

Stipend: 14,000/month

One of the most common 2-year professional leadership programs that focus on building leadership qualities. The candidate should be 18-26 years old, irrespective of the stream. Moreover, he should be a responsible citizen keen to work on the problems of the nation. The fellowship is based on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi one of them being, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is built around activities like leadership curriculum, monthly workshops, boot camps, Kaun Banega The New Millionaire. etc. They also pay allowances for phone, housing and transport.

Teach For India

Stipend: ₹20,412/month

It is an initiative to provide quality education to underprivileged children of our country. The brightest students from well-known universities serve these children in under-resourced government schools. It a 2-year full-time fellowship along with training sessions. Furthermore, they get housing allowances for living in the placed locations namely Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. It welcomes undergraduates from all fields.

India Fellow Program

Stipend: ₹15,000/month

Do you get an urge to resolve social issues of the country? Also, are you a graduate? If yes, then this 18-month fellowship is for you. It is a social leadership program that involves training, management, planning, and mentoring of the young Indians (21-28 years) on social issues of rural areas. They might belong to any discipline and could be placed in any part of the country. The candidate must not join another course along with the fellowship as it is a full-time fellowship.

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Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship

Stipend: ₹70,000/month

It seeks the most talented researchers to improve the state of research in various institutions in the country. This is one of the highest paying fellowships and is open to science students only. Candidates with a B. Tech, M. Tech, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degree in science and technology are eligible. Moreover, they should have secured at least 8 CGPA in these disciplines. The selection process is extremely rigorous as it’s a reputable as well as high-paid fellowship.

William J Clinton Fellowship

Stipend: Paid Allowances

This American India Fellowship focuses on the economic and social issues in India through the United States. Its main aim is to ensure resources and facilities for marginalized groups. It is a 10-month fellowship that involves the selection of highly skilled and passionate young professionals between the ages of 21-35. All Indian and U.S citizens are eligible, irrespective of fields. Though it does not provide a salary, it offers monthly living, travel, and insurance allowances.

SBI Youth For India

Stipend: ₹50,000 On Completion

SBI YFI is a 13-month rural fellowship program initiated by the State Bank of India. It seeks to address the pressing issues of rural India by providing the youth with an opportunity to make a change. Undergraduates from diverse fields between 21-32 years are eligible. Apart from the salary and medical claim policy, the fellows are exposed to monthly allowances of 15000 INR for living expenses as well as 1000 INR for transport expenses. Also, a certificate of completion would be provided post-completion as well.

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Chief Minister Fellowship Program

Stipend: ₹40,000/month

It is an initiative by the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis to provide opportunities to the deserving youth of the country from any discipline. Consequently, it aims at the social development sector and prepares the fellows to understand public administration. The minimum eligibility for this 11-month program is to have work experience of a minimum of 1 year and proficiency in Marathi. Further, they are provided a transport allowance of ₹5,000.

New India Foundation

Stipend: ₹18 Lakh/annum

The New India Fellowships are awarded to scholars and writers working on the history of independent India. It seeks to address the modern history of India. Accordingly, the nation’s best history writers are selected. The duration is 12 months and only around 12 candidates are shortlisted. Thus, 14 books on modern history have by far emanated from the NIF.

LAMP Fellowship

Stipend: ₹20,000/month

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is mentored by a Member of Parliament(MP) and the role of the fellow is to assist the MP for the parliamentary work. Meanwhile, the fellows can also engage with other high-rank lawmakers. In addition to it, they get to participate in field visits. The candidates must be graduates below the age of 25 and guess what? You do not need a specific degree in law to pursue this fellowship.

Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship

Stipend: ₹32,000/month

It is a Non Profit organization that focuses on the education system in rural schools. It focuses on children from poor backgrounds and provides them cost-free education. In order to be a part of this prestigious 1-year fellowship, you need to have experience of 3-10 years in teaching along with at least a post-graduate degree in any discipline. Moreover, the candidate must be proficient in the local language of the state.

UGC-NET Junior Research Fellowship

Stipend: ₹25,000/month

It is open to the candidates who qualify for the exam and undertake advanced research leading to Ph.D. or M.Phil for 2 years in either humanities, science, languages, or social sciences. However, the tenure is raised to 3 years if the research is found to be satisfactory. Likewise, an additional year is given in case of unsatisfactory research. Therefore, the maximum time of the tenure is 5 years. The minimum eligibility to take the exam is to be a post-graduate.

Head High Held

Stipend: 14-15k/month

It provides the rural, international and corporate youth an opportunity to become certified trainers. Consequently, these trainers teach underprivileged children and transform them into better individuals. It is a 2-month training in the HHH Academy before the 6-month training given to the rural youth. Hence, the fellowship lasts 8-months in Bangalore. Graduates between the age of 18-30 are eligible.

Tata Innovation Fellowship

Stipend: ₹25,000/month

This fellowship promotes innovations in Biology/Biotechnology and finding solutions to challenges related to it. It is offered to the researchers pursuing these subjects, so the eligible candidates must possess a Masters or a Ph.D. degree in biology/biotechnology. It lasts a duration of 3 years and the researchers must be below the age of 55.

Young India Fellowship

Stipend: Unpaid

It is a research-based 1-year post-graduate diploma fellowship program in liberal studies and gives exposure to diverse subjects. Its main aim is to generate an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving as well as leadership qualities among the fellows. Since it is an academic fellowship, it does not offer a stipend. Rather, each fellow requires to pay INR 1,70,000 as the program fee but it provides scholarships for financially unstable students. It offers excellent placement opportunities to almost all the fellows.

Acumen Regional Fellows India

Stipend: Unpaid

It is a one-year intensive leadership development program that promotes innovational ideas and builds a strong network of leaders in society. The fellows are trained by arranging 5 seminars to increase their knowledge and real-life applicability. Candidates from diverse backgrounds and ages are also eligible and it equips 20 individuals that turn into potential fellows. Though they do not offer a stipend, they provide accommodation for conferences.

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