Nowadays there is a craze for cover versions all over India, especially the revisited versions of the retro classics of Bollywood. There is a trend going on in most of the Bollywood movies to revisit the hit songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s but most of them fail to bring back the old charm due to torturous raps put in-between the songs. However, you could feel the delight of the retro classics in the new versions done by the Indian pop-rock band SANAM which consists of Sanam puri (Lead Vocals), Samar Puri (Lead Guitar), Venky S (Bass Guitar) and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums). Together they endeavour to bring back the band culture and Indie music into India after a significant gap. Let see some Sanam puri songs video. 

So, scroll down to find out and immerse yourself in the Top 10 Sanam puri songs 


The song was originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar for the movie “ Wo Kaun Thi?”. This cover version is one of the best recreations of the old song and will captivate you enough for everlasting time. The acoustic version’s sound, style, and quality match up to the level of the original one and Sanam Puri’s melodious and soulful voice will bewitch you instantly.



This song was originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar for the movie “Anpadh”( 1962). Though the original one is irreplaceable but once you listen to this cover version, addiction is inevitable. The background beats are amazing and so does the video. This new concept of giving a soft touch to the oldies rocks!



The original one was sung by Anup Ghosal and Lata Mangeshkar for the movie “Masoom”. The lyrics are beautiful and breathtaking. Sanam and his band members bring back the innocence of this song without any unwanted remixes or raps. Also, Sanam’s soothing voice enhances the lyrics and the song to its best.



The actual song was sung by Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar for the movie “Dilli Ka Thug”. The cover version is sung by Sanam Puri and Simran Sehgal. This song is heart touching and alluring. Once you start listening, it will take you to another world. Both the singers are fantabulous. They have recreated the magic of the great Kishore Kumar.



This astounding one was sung by Kishore Kumar for the movie “Mere Jeevan Saathi”. This new version also has an amazing background score and the group will engulf you in the true spirit of music. This one is beautifully composed and will definitely mesmerize you.



This famous track was sung by Kishore Kumar for the movie “Mr X in Bombay”. Sanam has sung this song gracefully keeping the flavor of this song intact. This is one of the greatest hits of Sanam puri, thus an ultimate proof of his immense talent.



This super hit gem was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Manna Dey for the movie “Chori Chori” and this cover version is sung by Sanam Puri and Aishwarya Majmudar. This version is magical and marvelous. I think Aishwarya’s voice perfectly complements Sanam’s voice and is the perfect rendition without spoiling the original.



This hit song of 90s was sung by Kumar Sanu for the movie “1942: A Love Story” and the cover version is sung by Sanam Puri collaborating with Shirley Setia. This version is so melodious and soothing with a double bonus of Shirley’s pleasant and sweet voice. But you will miss the feel of Kumar Sanu’s voice.



This was sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar from super hit classic film “Aradhana”. The revisited version is sung by Sanam Puri and Sanah Moidutty. Though the original one was the best this one will not disappoint you at all. This version is creative enough to impress you.



This song was originally sung by Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar for the movie “Yeh Vaada Raha”. The cover version video is shot in one of the most beautiful and scenic islands of Maldives. This euphonious and soothing song is sung by Sanam Puri and Mira along with a bonus i.e. a pleasant chorus at the end in native language, Dhivehi. The background beats are so catchy and extraordinary that it will make you dance spontaneously along with the beats.


Almost all the songs of Sanam are melodious, magical and extraordinary. There are many other revisited versions like Dilbar mere, Hum bewafa, Roop tera, Hai apna dil to awara and some singles like Ishq bulava, Dhat teri ki etc. I think Sanam is the only band whose cover versions have the old flavor and charm in it which shows their dedication to great music. So, guys go to his YouTube channel and submerge yourself into his heavenly breathtaking songs as soon as possible.

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