Technology Apocalypse


Cloud, recurring, habitual, elementary, simply put, the most natural thing there exists; in the sky, in every child’s drawings and in the smart phones that each of us possess. 

Along with other amazing advancements, time has brought with it the gift of technology. It was called the greatest of God’s gifts after the gift of life. It gave man another dimension to life. Technology has definitely made life easier in ways we did not think possible. It has made communication easier, introduced us to virtual money, it has opened so many avenues with regard to health care, education, the environment and crime and emergencies. It’s become impossible to imagine a world without the benefits of technology. It’s a luxury that gives us the sense of comfort we cannot get otherwise.

It’s a given that each of you reading this article have thought of this at some given point of time;

Has technology actually been a boon? What has it come to now?

In terms of the relationships we have, in terms of the way we live our lives. Take for example, our most prized possessions, smart phones. The level of intimacy we share with them is more than we can ever imagine of having with a real human being! They even come to the toilet with us, can it get more adorable than that. There is probably a reason why the toilet has a door, and that reason could probably be that the viruses need to be contained. Taking our phones inside, helps the viruses travel and experience all the things we are experiencing. Would you rather give that privilege to a real human or the artificial intelligence that provides us with a false sense of control?
We’d rather post a sentence on somebody’s wall on Facebook, than pick up the phone, and dial their number to wish them a happy birthday. Opening an old album, going through those photographs, reminiscing with your loved ones is not something of frequent occurrence anymore; because everything is saved online, and well, the chances of going through what have now become archives are very low. Gone are the days when you could re-read letters and feel like you are being spoken to.

It’s all on what’s app now, because it gives us the godsend- reaction time. The dimensions of our problems have changed altogether, We’re afraid we won’t be seen as best friends on Snapchat, moreover, we’d rather know of an experience through the snapchat-stories than speak of it. And the list goes on. 

Everything we do has become so mechanic, I fear whether anything is real anymore. In 2014, renowned British physicist, Stephen Hawking warned us of a time when the Earth could become inhabitable. He was probably right after all.

But then again, man created technology, technology didn’t create man. This is nothing that hasn’t been thought of earlier, but this is just my attempt to save what is left of our lives.

It’s a choice that has to be made, technology in life or life in technology. 



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