Tamasha, where ved meets his real self

Tamasha, where Ved meets his real self.

We all have been grown up watching movies of different genre and we also have somewhere lived in those stories. We relate ourselves to those fictional stories and start living in those moments because it’s somewhere makes u to dwell in your past experiences.

Tamasha is one of those movies which was not appreciated by critics much but some people who are little different from others in their concepts of life and their perspectives are somewhat out of the track could have related themselves with this story.
How the names of the protagonist were so symbolic, Ved and Tara(star) where Tara shows the right path to Ved like a star indicates a right path when one goes out of his track, as when he putts off the real face of himself aside and putts on the fake face which was bounded by social norms. Tara was the one who understands him deeply because she has met with his self and the other. Initially he was himself and enjoying his self when he first met Tara at Corsica. At that point of time Tara realize that this is the way of living and enjoying the life to the fullest.

At Corsica they both undisclosed their real identities and introduce their selves as the characters of other’s story. They live in the story of someone’s else story. Ved always wanted to become a story teller instead of engineer, which was imposed by his father. But he was bought up by listening to those stories from a story teller near his place at Shimla. From that tender age he starts living in stories of others and bring out his own story out of it. Engineering made him other from his self. Every single day at engineering college bites him like an ant and makes him hollow from inside.

At Corsica, Ved created his own imaginary story and start living in it. When Tara meets him, he pulled Tara also inside his story and they both were happy being in other’s world, which is different from theirs and where they can enjoy to the fullest without revealing their original identities but one day Tara
has to leave that place and go back to her actual world.

After Corsica, Tara met Ved in Delhi , where he lives alone and work in a corporate company and he was totally devoid of his self. It seems like that his self has actually lost somewhere and he was trying to find out his self. Some how he became the other of himself because now he was behaving and acting totally different from what he was initially. He restrained himself from living in someone’s else story and started living in his monotonous real life story. One day when Tara met him again and realized this drastic change in him she felt dejected. She observes each and every bit of his changed personality and rejects his proposal by saying that ‘She loved his self not his other’ and the one whom he met at Corsica and he hiding his self, answers in his other’s voice that

‘he’s the same person she met at Corsica’.
Tara helped him in tracing his actual path by staying with him being his strength. Ved has made himself so bounded by the societal norms and conditions and living a life of a robot, who actually has no emotions, desires, longings, passion. He became deaf to his desires and passion of becoming a story teller. He shuts all the windows of his heart through which beams of his self could reach.

One day , the said words of Tara starts jumbling in his mind, which says follow your self which keeps you lost in your imaginary world. At that point of time he realizes that from now he would follow his passion and meet his self again by leaving behind his other. His family who always wants him to become an engineer not a story teller. Ved when opens his heart in front of his family, at first they rebuke but then they realized and persuaded him to fulfill his passion.

Ved, at the end meets his real self and completes his own story of becoming a story teller and again re-living in those stories. He lives for living in those stories which were connected to him from his tender age. Every child is best in his own way, so always supports him in fulling his desires and don’t imposed anything on them.

Ved live as a free bird, who got wings to fly in his own world, the world full of stories and imagination.
Follow your heart, because it knows things which your mind can’t explain.

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