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STEPHEN KING(the fiction king) and the uniqueness of his BOOKS!

Stephen Edwin King is a 73 years old novelist. He is famous for his fiction works in horror and fantasy genres. Above all, he is a ‘New York Times’ bestselling novelist. His books are unique and speak of his style. All the Stephen King fans know how special his books are, yet different from one another.


-Stephen King

He had a keen interest in writing from an early age. For instance, during his school life, he used to write for the school newspaper. In addition, he used to write short stories too. After that, he got his Bachelor’s degree in English. He did other jobs but continued to write short stories, as well. In 1974, he published his first book “Carrie”. Other successful books like “The Shinning”, “the Stand” and many more followed in the coming years.

He is married to Tabitha Spruce and they have three children. Even many of his family members are novelist. He has also worked with his son, Owen, in the novel “Sleeping Beauties”.

He wrote many novels back to back that were even adapted to big screens! Moreover, he is known as the “Master of Horror” because of the way he expresses terror in his books. Stephen King still continues to inspire everyone with his amazing work.

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For the ones who are beginners in the King world, here are some reasons why you should read his work! In addition, his fans would definitely relate to these:


Stephen King portrays terror very well
STEPHEN KING(the fiction king) and the uniqueness of his BOOKS!
  • Undeniably, Stephen King’s books never fail to engage you! The deep rooted emotions in his work always drives you along with them.
  • Moreover, his works have explored almost every kind of terror. Be it, horror elements, war background, science-fiction and many other, he has covered them all!
  • His words are so interesting and engaging that it is inescapable to move out of them.
  • He makes one enter a universe of meaningful relationships along with the horror and terror dimensions. Even a book apart from a horror background, gives “chills” if, it is his work.
  • All of his books are steps way ahead from an ordinary world.
  • His books like “The Shinning”, “The Stand” or “The Salem’s Lot” can take away your sleep! They still remain on the top when it comes to thriller books.
  • Firstly, he uses compelling stories and raw form of emotions that really engage one!
  • Secondly, it gets hard to put down his book because you just NEED TO KNOW THE END. The way he writes and takes you to his universe, makes you live inside the book!
  • If you are really into horror and thrilling books, reading Stephen King’s work is a MUST. In addition, they never bore you.


  • Isn’t it the best when books makes you visualise their world, easily? Well, that is the best part of every Stephen King’s book!
  • The detailing about every dimension of the story and the way it builds, draws you more towards it.
  • In other words, there is some magic in his words which will amaze you!
  • He puts the story in a way that it comes into existence and dies, in front of you.
  • His compelling stories like “The Green Mile” or “Dolores Claiborne” really makes it tough for you to get away from the story.
  • It is like his books have a pulling affect and they leave no chance in engaging you.
  • The background of every place and every scene is always specified in his books. It never really makes you doubt or raise any question about a story’s plotting.
  • If you really are fond of books that have the power to engage you, try his books! They never disappoint.


His characters are powerful!
STEPHEN KING(the fiction king) and the uniqueness of his BOOKS!
  • Everything about his books is CRYSTAL CLEAR. In other words, he leaves no detail unexplained. This is what really makes King’s characters so unique and famous.
  • His characters like Pennywise or Christine or Cujo are famous and can be easily described. He presents an open book for every character! (All the history and background related to them)
  • The look, behaviour and even their monologues(Yes!!). Moreover, Stephen King gives his reader a pathway into the character’s mind too.
  • Importantly, this makes it very easy to visualise the characters and reading gets more interesting.
  • His characters are portrayed too human yet different which makes them unique.
  • The connection of a reader and his characters straightens as the story unfolds. He displays the entire craziness and thoughts of his characters to the readers.
  • Therefore, you need not worry about being Hazel Grace finding answers from Peter Van Houten!


  • Stephen King is a well read novelist who portrays a character’s mind as a multi-dimensional thing.
  • He really covers many psychological aspects in most of his books. For instance, “Gerald’s Game”.
  • He displays a range of emotions and that too, strong ones!
  • Moreover, it is fascinating how he is able to scare the readers with psychological fantasies turned into thrillers.
  • For instance, “IT” displays a psychological concept of fears and phobias and has been portrayed as an amazing supernatural book.
  • He does not really uses “jump-scare” concept or physical monsters much. But, the monsters living in the minds and the disturbances in the human behaviour is what adds more terror to his stories. “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. they live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”-Stephen King.
  • It is the most unique part of his writing style. The psychological aspects work simultaneously in forming a connection with the readers and scaring them.
  • If you are really into psychological thrillers, you need to read his books!

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all the genres covered in his books
STEPHEN KING(the fiction king) and the uniqueness of his BOOKS!
  • He is, indeed, the King of Horror. However, his books are not limited to this genre only.
  • Stephen King writes about several genres and has almost covered every aspects in his books!
  • His books have a vast range of genres to be explored.
  • He has written; science-fiction like “Firestarter” or “The Running Man” and even nonfiction, like “Danse Macabre” or “On Writing”. In addition, he has also written fantasies like “The Dark Tower” series or “The Talisman”.
  • His wide range of books also include many collections of short stories. For instance “Full Dark, No Stars” or “Different Seasons”.
  • Stephen Kings stands out and way ahead, when it comes to the range of genres! So, why not try the one, you like the most?


  • Indeed, the movies and books differ in lot of aspects. But, there have been many adaptions of Stephen King’s books into the big screen.
  • “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Pet Semetary”, “The Mist”, “Bag of Bones” are some of his books that have been adapted to movies.
stephen king's books are the best
STEPHEN KING(the fiction king) and the uniqueness of his BOOKS!

Many of you must have watched movies based on his books! These were some reasons why you really need to try out his books.

As he said, “Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

Well, so are his books! And, they really are a must-try. If you are already a King’s fan, do leave some of your favourite books in the comments!






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