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6 topmost reasons to relate with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the web series that made millions of heart smile and billions of eyes cry. It has touched our soul in a very different way. The six characters have been with us when we are having our gloomy days or when we are laughing our hearts out. Each episode has the power to mend our broken souls with its magical touch. Couples, friendships, or every other kind of relationship is perfectly depicted in this series. Every person relates to it in one or the other way and that is why it is number 1 in our most-watched list. So, here are the topmost six reasons or you can say(FRIEND) why we love the show (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) from the bottom of our heart.


Chandler and joey set real friendship goals, making us realize how blessed we are to have a best friend. “None of the amazing things that happen to me, would have happened if it wasn’t for you”. Remember this iconic line of Rachel? Showing what it feels to find a sister in your best friend. And who else not remember joey for being there for everyone. Each character made us realize that having friends in your life is the real treasure that one can ever have. Also, you can be the best friend to people and still don’t share your food and that’s okay.


Roschel? Mondler? Phike? Aren’t these the goals that we crave and live for? Each one of us seeks a partner like them, who is understanding, caring, loving, and most importantly, respecting even your OCDs. Every girl looks for a partner like a chandler who is ready to go beyond the lines just to make her wife happy. Lovers can relate to each moment which is shared in the show. Someone rightly said, “Relationships are meant to make you strong, not to make you feel wrong”. A true partner frees you from every insecurity and boundary. “You wanted it to be a surprise” still awe us no matter how many times we have watched it.


We all are Gunther to some Rachel in real life too. Being a one-sided lover or ignored by our friends destroy a soul every day. It takes a lot of courage to tell your feelings to others and especially to ourselves. When Gunther was ignored by the gang, every lonely soul felt it. But that’s okay. We must always seek love and not attention. So, sometimes it’s the ignorance or Gunther that we relate to.


Who does not love the iconic dressing sense of “Rachel Green”? The way she carries herself is beyond perfect. Every outfit was so classy of her. Having an outfit and aura like her is still a dream for every girl in her 20s. A perfect outfit defines your personality, attitude, and confidence. Being rightly dressed makes you believe in yourself. Most of the time we are just focusing on how the characters were dressed up rather than watching the show. The dying need to be like their role model with elegance, style, and class is what girls can relate to the most.


Do we watch the show because it is more relatable or just because we crave to have a group like that? And so watching it makes us feel like that you have friends, to make us feel less lonely, and to have a life growing from sitting on a 6 feet crap to living your dream life. The human being is a little plant with emotions that needs connection. We all need people to make us feel, secure, and safe. We all need friends to make us laugh, support us, and be there. Sometimes their presence is enough to make things right. But all we need is that kind of person or group who will make us feel comfortable.


Long-distance friendship is harder than a long-distance relationship. Staying away from your loved ones and not being able to see them for days, months, or sometimes even years is the hardest thing that a person has to go through in their life. We all sobbed in the end or hated when Chandler and Monica were moving out. “Apartment 20” is home for many of us. Seeing them leaving, took a part of us as well, maybe because it reminded us about how our life changed and friends left or moved to another place. Seeing Ross, reminded us how we tried so hard to make things right to stop them. It all made us realize how hard and difficult it is to move out of your comfort zone and enter into a more lonely, different, uncomfortable yet growing life.

The show, no doubt was iconic and is still winning millions of young hearts but it shows the challenges and the hardships which an adult encounters in his/her real life, which somehow left us wondering because the truth is bitter and we must learn to accept it. We are afraid of being left out and staying alone in our younger age but then contemplating and making peace with ourselves is what we learn with our growing age which is what this show is all about. Life is never a smooth lake, but a roller coaster. You just need to learn to enjoy the ride and laugh uncontrollably.

I am a writer, an artist and a dance lover. I believe when words fail to express, that is when the art comes in.



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