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Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

Horror movies have got to be a genre of film which we cannot avoid. It doesn’t matter how scared you are, you just can’t stop yourself. Horror movies have always been a guilty pleasure. It is evident that it is going to haunt you later, yet keeping our eyes off seems almost impossible. There are two ways to portray a scary movie among the audience.

  • Creepy Horror – Creepy horror comprises of the eerie horror scenes that call for blood spilling and creepy monsters and ghosts. There are movies such as the Exorcist, Ready or not, etc.
  • Psychological Horror – Psychological horror mostly involves a spine-chilling experience without the disgusting scenes. This type accounts for letting you experience a pure horror sending chills to your body through the cinematic experience. The Shining, Insidious etc.

Footage Films are basically the type of horror films that gives you a sensation of a camera recorder film. These movies are directed and shot as a first-person video. It is basically like any other YouTube video where the main lead or the videographer has a camera in his hand going places to record events. But what happens when the group is wanting to explore a haunted place with a camera in their hands? What goes on inside the supposed haunted location near you place? What happens when the things start going wrong at some of the worst possible location? Let’s find out.

Here are some of the best horror footage films which will undoubtedly spook you and is sure to make you anxious through the cinematic experience:    

7. Quarantine (2008)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear
Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

Released in 2008, the horror movie revolves around the group of news reported Angela Vidal and cameraman Scott Percival. The movie begins with the reporters assigned for the duty to follow two police officers and cover the news about a jail. The plot revolves around a group covering the details of a jail during their night shift, when the mishaps begin. They are “quarantined” inside the jail and the main motive is to escape the trap house. The found-footage film truly brings out the horror as their field of view is limited and anything can be caught through the light of your torchlight.

IMDB Ratings – 5.9/10

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6.  Grave Encounters (2011)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

Grave Encounters resides a bunch of people working for a ghost-hunting television series. The crew explore the “haunted” places of the town just to prove that they’re just some made up stories. As a part of their next episode, they agree to lock themselves in an abandoned asylum, needless to say, that’s when the catastrophe begin. If only they knew that this experience was nothing like the previous ones. Everything turns out to be true and now they’re just stuck inside, finding a way out. Will they make it out or not? Let’s find out!

IMDB Ratings – 6.1/10

5. Creep (2014)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

It is certainly not a very pleasant sight when you find a video of an unknown man outside your door looking into your peephole. This psychological horror portrays a story of a struggling photographer Aaron who is offered a contract by Josef. Josef invites Aaron to a strange remote cabin for the meeting that has a number of frightening possibilities. He starts confessing things one by one once they proceed. As the name clearly suggests, the story keeps getting creepier as we get going forward. By the end, it’ll most evidently give you the creeps of horror you’re looking for. Nevertheless, this found-footage feature film is worth a watch.

IMDB Ratings – 6.3/10

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4. REC (2007)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

REC is a Spanish motion picture of 2007. This movie is the original edition of the remake “Quarantine”. The remake consists of a few added scenes and exclusion of a few. Well, that’s typically the case with the remakes. Having said that, REC put on a much intense and realistic cinematic experience as compared to the remake. This horror thriller actually portrays a footage covering firefighters’ intervention at an apartment building. But the apartment building, anyhow, had other plans for them. The film is surely startling.

IMDB Ratings – 7.4/10

3. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

Paranormal Activity was the beginning of a franchise. This supernatural horror film was among the scariest horror films ever. The tale begins when a young couple start experiencing a haunted presence in their house. They tend to seek the evidence for the horror they’re experiencing. They decide to put up a camera in every room to witness what is going on at home while they’re away or sleeping. Honestly, it isn’t understandable that why wouldn’t they run already? Soon after recording a footage, they start seeing the things they never expected to. But they eventually decide to capture more proof through their video camera. What goes on next is just to be witnessed.

IMDB Ratings – 6.3/10

2. As Above, So Below (2014)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

As Above, So Below is personally my favourite on the list. The movie is based on Scarlet who with a bunch of people tour the Catacombs of Paris. Scarlet is an archaeologist who is trying to find a magical stone to set things right in the world. A flock is convinced to explore the horrific route that leads to the catacombs. They start examining through the tunnels in the lust of power and money to reach the ultimate spot. Digging deep down to the surface of the Earth where 20 millions bodies are buried, doesn’t seem like a very good plan. What happens inside the tunnel is what follows. This footage movie is totally a must watch and believe me it will send shivers down your spine. Will they make it out or not? We’ll find out.

IMDB Ratings – 6.2/10

1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Must Watch Horror Footage Films : Unravel the fear

We cannot have a competition among the best footage films and not include a classic. The Blair Witch project is the story that revolves around a group of three friends Heather, Josh and Mike. Three students decide to explore the Blair Witch Forest, what happens to be one of the most haunted places in the world. They decide to lay a tent in the woods and spend a night to capture what they see within the forest and to find out if the place is actually haunted. The things start getting intense one after the other. They start experiencing the unexpected in the forest. The upcoming series of events in their life are just to be attended personally. But, the film is conclusively daze you and make you question if visiting the woods is ever a good idea?

IMDB Ratings – 6.5/10

Hope you Enjoy the films. Do mention which one do you like the best and why?


  1. Honestly, I haven’t seen any of them- however I have got recommendations from few of my other movie freaks friend to catch out on REC- So I am considering to watch REC in my spare times.
    It’s a well made post kudos to you for that.
    Hoping to collaborate

  2. REC is a great film to start with to get an idea of found-footage films, and being a tradition Spanish film, it has more thrill to it without the commercial elements. Do check it out!! And while you’re at it! I HIGHLY recommend As Above, So Below and The Blair With Project to feel the horror and thrill.
    Glad that you liked the post.


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