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Secret to frizz free, shiny hair!

Hair, that part of your anatomy which completely changes your look. Getting just that perfect frizz-free shine is everyone’s dream. The pollution, stress and work pressure all contribute to your hair losing its shine and glory! For getting back that flowy and smooth long hair like Rapunzel, all you need is to debunk the secret. The secret is not like finding the treasure from a lion’s den; it is way simpler than you think. Just follow a sequence of hair care routine to bring the spotlight on you! Your nice and smooth hair speaks out your confidence and makes you the star of the party.

So, without further ado, let’s get to unveiling the hair care secrets for a shiny frizz-free hair:

Finding the right shampoo!

It is a fact that hair quality differs from person to person. Your friend’s favourite brand of shampoo might not be the choice for you. So, you really need to make a choice rationally. Your frizzy and dry hair calls for an all-time moisturizing shampoo. Depending on the texture, get the right shampoo for yourself. Generally, a shampoo devoid of sulfate and well packed with glycerin is the perfect choice for remove frizziness. So, invest wisely in the shampoo for yourself!

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Moisturizing is the key.

Identify the villain behind your frizzy hair! It’s the lack of moisture. Yes, your hair is getting all crinkly and it demands ample moisture. If you escape the routine of revitalizing your hair with a hair mask, it would get the required from the environment which is not desired. So, its important that you allow your hair to soak in the moisture from the natural hair masks, which completely nourishes your hair and scalp, keeping them supple and frizz-free hair!

Coconut oil’s secret.

The coconut oil is a traditional way of moisturizing hair in the Indian subcontinent. This method is a completely natural process of retaining the smoothness in your hair. It is a hundred per cent herbal, and will definitely add the required nutrition your hair demands. For an ideal impact, you need to completely mask your hair up with rich coconut oil and allow it to sit for quite a few hours. The natural minerals will seep through your hair and hydrate them completely. Rinse, the hair off with plenty of water to get back the child-like softness.
If you want an instant frizz-free hair on the go, just rub a little amount of coconut oil on your palms. Dab it off in the entire length to get the hair and feel the instant smoothness as you head out for the street!

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Reduce the blow drying.

Blow drying your hair just after a wash might be the easiest way to dry them as you hurry out every day. But, remember, that a blow dryer is an active participant in making your hair all clingy and frizzy. It extracts out the moisture from the hair, making it dry. So, try to at least minimize the use by allowing ninety per cent of your hair to air dry. Using dryer when your hair has almost dried out minimizes the harm that a blower would otherwise cause to your hair.
Try to tone down the heat releasing from the dryer and hold it at a minimum of six inches distance from the hair for protecting it from direct heat. Although a dryer seems to be necessary, you really need to pay heed to the harm that it might cause due to overuse!

Conditioning is the concern

The main component to obtain your hair all smooth and flowy is proper conditioning. It is mandatory that you must condition your hair completely after cleaning them with shampoo. The conditioner must have the required anti-oxidant and moisture for making the hair all cheerful and bouncy. Frizz makes your hair lose the bounce and make it all cramped up. Proper conditioning after every wash is mandatory to get away with the unwanted crippling.
Moreover, it is best that you just use conditioner twice a week instead of using regular shampoo. It is important as your hair will retain more moisture giving that extra shine on the go!

Brush or no-brush, that is the question!

You have to be very cautious about brushing your hair if it is frizzy! Overbrushing the frizzy hair can cause more damage, than good! It breaks and tears your hair from the roots making you lose a lot of them in a go. Don’t get stressed out and overdo the hair with a brush if it’s not getting away the frizz. Relax and try to disentangle the bunch at ease using a proper brush size. The large dented hairbrush is perfect for entangling your hair easily without breaking or damaging them. Do all the brushing required when your hair is wet and has sufficient moisture; this will considerably reduce the frizz making your hair look proper!

Don’t go overboard with over-processing

Getting a new hair look is always tempting. We all want to straighten, curl or even colour the hair to revamp our old self. While these are really important for a good makeover, do keep in mind they also contribute to making your hair brittle and damaged. Over-processing, a frizzy hair is really a crime that you are committing! If you should need a new hair look, try to get them done with professional products and also from a professional salon, for getting them done without any damage. Local colours and straightening products can actually damage and cause more frizz! For that amazing coloured and smooth hair, the professional salon is the key.

Nourish the dry ends.

It is important that you enrich your hair with proper nourishment. They seek hydration and minerals to get rejuvenated. So, you really need to debunk the secret of using nourishing products to the end of your hair to make it shiny and get rid of the frizz. The pollution takes away all the moisture, and it’s necessary that you replenish them for smooth growth and a shiny mane! Different nourishing oils and serum are available, which can readily give the shine to your boring and frizzy hair.

Stay away from prolonged heating

Beware of heat! The ultimate way to keep your hair all relaxed and supple is to avoid direct heat as much as possible. The heat takes away all hydration and makes your hair brittle. Try to prevent prolonged exposure to heating. Use a diffuser with the dryer in case a blow dryer is a piece of mandatory equipment. However, it is best if you minimize the use, moreover if your hair has already gone into a frizz mode!

The hair care secret to removing all the frizz is already spilt above! Thus, it is important that you protect your hair and also nourish it as required to avoid all the dullness and dryness. This becomes more important with the increasing pollution levels. Getting your hair party-ready with shine is not a difficult task if you sneakily debunk the secret of a healthy hair. They are simple strategies that will attract all attention to the sparkle and shine that your hair will emit in the upcoming party!

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