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Silly Facts to Brighten Up Your Day

Sometimes the stress of this competitive life gets us so bad that we need a getaway. Not always can we go on a trip or watch a full movie without sacrificing something or the other. So we find out ways to rid ourselves of the stress, even if temporarily, with small stress busters. So here are some silly facts that are not just interesting, but also relieving in this daily routine of monotony.

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Two otters hold hands when they sleep, so that they don’t drift away and are separated.

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It has been scientifically proven that we are made of stardust. Everything on the planet, including us, was once a part of the heart of a star. Sounds beautiful, isn’t it?

Squirrels mostly forget where they bury their nuts. This is the reason behind millions of trees growing every year, all thanks to them.

grey squirrel
Little curious grey squirrel on green meadow eating a nut

Blind people smile, even though they have never seen anyone smile in their life. This shows that happiness is an innate emotion, expression for which does not need to be conditioned. It comes naturally.

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In some part of the world, someone is having the best day of their life. You might not be the one experiencing it, but there is solace in knowing that happiness is still found in the world, and that it awaits all of us no matter how hard times may seem to be now.

Although an imaginary animal, unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.

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Not just humans, cows too like the company of their fellow beings, specially one over the other. Cows are known to make best friends.

Cow licking the ears
Cow licking the ears of a another cow

 In Japan, you’ll come across Okunoshima, an island full of tame bunnies.

A penguin was once knighted in Norway because he was “in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood”.

Flamingos grouped together are collectively called “flamboyance”. Interestingly, both terms come from the same word: “flame”.

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The inventor of telephone, Sir Alexander Graham Bell, originally wanted people to greet others on call with an “ahoy”, like pirates.

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The number of libraries is higher than the number of McDonald’s in the world.

The two voice actors of the original Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, got married. Allwine had acted in the role for over thirty years.

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On 1st April 1957, BBC pulled off a crazy April Fool’s prank. They aired a three minute segment at the end of the news programme about a spaghetti farm in Switzerland. The segment said that spaghetti is grown on trees and harvested in this farm. People, curious to know, called up the BBC office and asked how to grow their own spaghetti. They responded with “Place a spring of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best”. Did people really try it out? Who knows?

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When you smile, even forcefully, your body releases chemicals that make you feel happy. Perhaps that’s where from the saying ‘fake it till you make it’ comes.

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Pugs are collectively called a ‘grumble’. Maybe it is apt because of their faces that look like they’re grumbling.

If the faking smile hack doesn’t work, you can try cuddling pets. Studies have shown that cuddling your pets releases oxytocin and dopamine, the hormones of happiness and love.

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Penguins are extremely romantic animals. A penguin searches the whole of their dwelling to find the perfect pebble and offer it to their love.

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Even puffins are quite romantic, as well as loyal. They mate for their life. Most animals go through multiple mates, but not puffins, who remain loyal to their partner throughout their lives.

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If you’re looking for more floofy animals, visit Rottnest Island, Australia. You will come across native quokkas, who have a perpetual smile on their faces. Some call them the “most adorable selfie buddies”.

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Actor Christ Hemsworth posing with a quokka

Happy rabbits often fling themselves in the air when they are extremely elated and happy. They click their feet, which is called “binkying”.

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The surface of the moon has no wind or atmosphere, which means there is no erosion on its surface. So when NASA astronaut Gene Cernan wrote his daughter’s initials, he made sure it stays. The letters “TDC” still reside, and perhaps will be etched on the face of the moon for thousands of years in the future.

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When puppies fight, in of course friendly strife, the male puppies often let the female ones win. They sure know how to keep it fun without making stuff serious.

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Apart from pets, hugs from loved ones can be really special. Hugging makes the brain release oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is known to reduce blood pressure as well as cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. So hug whenever you get a chance. It’s not just good for your bonds, but your health as well.

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Research suggests that even goats exhibit accents!

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Sea horses too mate for life. In an adorable move, they go around holding on to each other’s tails.

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If you think about it, the air you breathe in has little amount of oxygen that has been inside someone else, perhaps even inside a dinosaur!

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When you’re in a complete natural environment, the sound you hear that brings you serenity is just hundreds of insects and sometimes animals mating.

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A Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest was held in San Francisco. The English actor Charlie Chaplin himself entered the contest, but ironically lost.

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You’ve heard that no two human fingerprints match. Did you know that no two dog’s nose prints match either!

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Over 15,000 people in the 2011 census said they follow the ‘Jedi’ religion, in the Czech Republic.

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A beluga whale, who was named Noc, had learned to copy human speech, and tried to communicate with people. When navy divers were repairing a whale enclosure during the Cold War, they heard an almost human voice say “out, out, out”, and discovered this wonderful creature.

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The world is full of small, happy events that are sweet, and keep reminding us that in the midst of all the sadness and hardship, happiness isn’t dead. It comes when we look a little, and spread it. Put a smile on someone’s face today, and you’ll feel happy too.

Titas Choudhury
Titas Choudhury
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