Scope of aerospace engineering In INDIA

Aerospace engineering

This article is for the few chunks of people who are interested in aerospace engineering. Top places to pursue this would be:

  1. IIST
  2. IIT (Madras, Bombay, Kharagpur and Kanpur)
  3. MIT Chennai
  4. IISc  
  5. Punjab engineering college

IIST and IISc consider your JEE mains score and IITs admit students based on JEE advanced rank. You must have done your research and already had an idea of which university to join, but you still might not have had any idea of where you might end up. So I chose to write this article to give students a rough idea of where you might be working and what you will be working on.

Aerospace engineering requires a lot of learning and experience, so one must have to work hard to get to a respectable position. Very few companies hire B.techs. So it would be a better idea to go for higher studies than sitting for placements.  

isroISRO does not generally prefer B.Techs in aerospace engineering. They have their own university (IIST) where they recruit students by CGPA criterion. They rather prefer Computer, mechanical and electrical B.Techs to work on their sub components.

  • DRDO

    Starting salary: 2.5 to 5 lakhs per annum
    DRDO hires students only for the position of B grade scientist. But there is high scope for improvement. Additionally, you will have the pride of working for the country. Major work would include designing, construction and testing of aircrafts.

  • National aerospace laboratories (NAL) and Hindustan aeronautics limited (HAL)

    Starting salary: 3 to 12 lakh per annum
    Both these companies have their headquarters in Bangalore. To work in NAL, one must be skilled and well versed in aerodynamics and material as it involves more of testing. HAL however, works with designing and construction and hence one is expected be an expert in aircraft structures.

  • Private airline companies

    Starting salary: 9 to 12 lakh per annum (generally)
    There are various airline companies like Honeywell and GE (general electronics) who recruit students. The package revolves around 11 lakh per annum but changes with need. One would be working with aircraft and component designs.

  • Private automotive companies

    Starting salary: varies
    Automotive companies like Rolls Royce and Mercedes also prefer aerospace engineers, and their pay would be generally greater than 20 lakh per annum. The appointed would be expected to make slight alterations to the car’s body to make it more aerodynamic.

  • Formula racing teams

    Salary range: *negotiable*
    Formula racing teams give great importance to aerodynamics, but one has to be extremely qualified to join their teams. Also their pay will be significantly higher than the other automotive companies. The major work would be to design aerodynamic components to be attached to the car that improves the car’s performance. A thorough knowledge of CFD is a must for this.

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