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    father daughter

    There she was, her hands much smaller than my little finger, her legs not even of my half arm and her face the softest thing I could ever get to touch. The first time I held her in my arms I feel like I got everything I could ever ask for. Yes she is my everything my life my daughter, kshrija. She was in Sagarika’s womb only not even a month old when I have made my mind to give my daughter the name kshrija, the name of Goddess Lakshmi for She is Goddess Lakshmi of my house.

    I clearly remember the day we bring our little angel to our house, it was like our house enlightened with her small feet entered into it. From that day onwards I started finishing my work more speedily for I wanted to spend as much time with her as I can. Slowly, my world curled around her only. I do not want to miss a single moment of her childhood. I remember the day her first teeth grew when she started biting my finger every time I feed her, her favorite cerelac. The day she started crawling made me realise how lucky I am to have her in my life. Everyday when I return from work she crawl to her best pace to make me grab her in my arms.

    A daughter's fatherI remember all her firsts very clearly. The first time she begin to walk with her small footsteps, the n number of times i prevented her from falling and the n number of times she tried for it. I guess even at that very tender age she knew the worth of hardwork. The first time I heard PAPA from her made me realise the feeling of being beyond cloud nine.The first time she went to school, unlike other children she was not crying at all. Yes she was not crying infact she was very much excited about it. It was that day only when I decided no matter what I will never scold my angel. Her cute smiles were bundle of joy for me. Seeing her growing each day was my inspiration.

    Slowly the time passed, and she was loaded with heavy burden of her academics. Sometimes her tired face take me to guilt if my wish for her bright future making her loose her childhood but her glittering smile while explaining her school stories bring me out of it. I am sure she was borne intelligent for she always excel not just in academics but in every thing she do either it be her hobby dance or her mother’s dream to make her sports person. Her school life was very much occupied by numerous competitions she love to participate and not to forget her uncountable friends. I guess she must have got this fun loving nature in heredity from her mother for I am an introvert.

    Her school life ended with uncountable certificates and medals she has earned through her hard work and dedication for everything she enroll herself into. She made every possible little effort to made us the proudest parents on this earth. I have never restricted her for anything be it her party with guys or her girl’s night out, honestly I never wanted to restrict her. I want her to live her life like a Bird. I wanted her to fly as high as she wanted to. I always persuade her to follow her dreams. She was very younger for me when she first told me about her dream, her dream of doing something valuable for her country but her confused eyes expressed her heart to me. I showed her every possible thing she can opt for including the various civil services. But I could not solve her dilemma.

    Being in this dilemma only she got herself enrolled in quite fine college. The thought of not able to select her dream made her upset with time. She started remain irritating all the time, sad with all the things and engaged herself completely in her phone. Their I faced the biggest fear of my life, the fear of loosing my daughter my TREASURE. I did every possible thing to overcome my fear. Tried to know about her new college friends, get her engaged in funny jokes the way I do when she was in school but all went in vain. I started cursing myself as being a father I was not able to help my daughter. Most important I was not able to do anything just stand bare handed to get the things done by destiny or believing in the power of time.

    Little did I got the chance to know the other side of her life. It was against my principals but her changed nature was bothering me like anything. Yes like every other father I checked my daughter’s phone. The revealed truth left me stunned. It was like my world turned upside down. My little angel was fighting all alone with the biggest issue I could ever thought of. My girl was being stalked. The guy knew each and every minute detail of her and have even sent the cheap and non veg texts.

    women-empowermentI now understood everything properly. The reason she always deny to go to college and try her best to avoid discussion about her friends. The truth made me more guilty within myself. I realised the selfishness I always had with me. That night was the worst night of my life. I have always thought I can read her heart in her eyes but I was failed. I was failed as father and she as always lifted herself up beyond perfection. But for now I have made my mind not to let my angel suffer anymore. I decided to conversate with her in the morning as soon as she woke up. I couldn’t sleep that night, I wanted to help my daughter in any way I can. The worst night of my life taught me the biggest lesson of my life. Yes I wanted to do anything to help my daughter but I do not want her to be coward. I wanted to kill that guy for hurting my treasure but i want my treasure to kill her thief herself. I want her to learn to fight for her own self. There I clicked the idea, I decided to help her to fight but along with guiding her to the way to fulfil her dream.

    Instead of conversing her directly about the issue I decided to teach her about women empowerment. I can now see the fear clearly in her eyes but the decision to let her fight for herself stops me every time to console her. I made her to read every short/long, story/article to made her realise her power. Soon I succeeded, my angel got her power. She bravely hunt her stalker and not just hit him for teasing her but also took serious action against him. It was another time she made us proudest parents. I got the real success when she finally found her dream, her dream of doing something valuable for her country.

    great-famous-inspirational-womenThis bitter incident made our life back to normal. I got my Angel back and she got herself. Now its been years she is working for women’s development and education. Yes being father I am worried about her wedding as well but I never let my worries come in her way of success, come in her way of her dreams. I wanted her to be happy only and I have seen how much her work matters for her. Like every other father I am worried about her safety but now I know I have taught her to fight for herself and I am sure she will never betray my teachings. I want my angel to know that no matter where she go in life I will always be right there standing behind her, encouraging her to persue her dreams for her happiness is second to none for me.

    A message to all those who think a daughter is burden to them

    “A daughter is a wonderful blessing, a treasure from above. Embrace her with a pinch of love and i assure you will get a handful of love in return.”


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