The Remains of the First Love Ever

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The Remains of the First Love ever

The Remains of the First Love Ever

I’d never known I’ll lose this feeling one day,

Love always won, they say.

It was definitely love at first sight,

No matter what, you always showed me the right.

I still remember your shy face in the mirror,

Seeing you in any kind of pain made me shiver.

When you smoothly pressed my hand against your chin,

The moment when you embraced me, it gave me goosebumps in my skin.

When I wanted to die, you were there beside me,

Giving me millions of reasons to live, comforting me that I could touch the sky.

You brought me back on the proper track,

You possessed the cuteness which everyone else lacked.

That moment when your hand was in mine,

When we’re together, I know, we shine.

My heart still sometimes skips a beat when I see you,

Even though you pretend not to care, I know you do.

Butterflies still sometimes dance in my stomach when you call me,

You taught me to fight the impostors, and I too have found the key.

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