I was really happy with my life. I was honestly blessed with all the basic necessities not just materialistic but the real as well. I feel I was the happiest girl . I am a normal girl like everyone out there living a fairy tale life. My life has always been a perfect life, the life people actually imagine of. A caring and understanding family, loving siblings, three time good and healthy meal are the utmost requirements of a happy life. With God’s blessing I had all. So is the reason I have always been a bubbly girl. I was a person who could find happiness or can laugh in every situation. No I am not praising myself, I am just proud of my nature. I did not have that big gang of friends out in every corner but yes few who are gem at heart. My family was a nuclear one with as such no big gang of cousins at all. I actually had a fairy tale life but little did I know what was waiting for me in the future. A single wrong turn and everything went off forever.


I was in class 11 when all this started off. Since then I have always been  fun loving and I was in so much demand among all my friends. Actually not just friends but in the whole school. I had so many good friends, few quite close as well. It was April 12 when he asked me to be his friend, I thought there is no issue in being just friend so I accepted his offer. With time we became quite good friends. We used to talk a lot, it was like never ending conversations. I really started enjoying his company. If a day went on without talking to him I felt empty inside. I started sharing each and every happening of my life with him. If anything left off that I forgot to share with him I started to feel impatient. I was never like this. Sometimes I felt like he had done some magic on me. I didn’t realize when feelings for him started to born inside me. It was the first and last thing I hid from him. I didn’t want him to think how desperate I was although I was not at all desperate but that’s what people usually think. No he was not like other guys but still he was a genuine human being. Moreover I had no idea about his feelings. I deadly wanted to know but the fear of his negative answer stopped me every time.

This was the first time I went through the so called feeling of stress. As I told you I always had a perfect life so I have never went through any of the so called feelings like stress, emotional pain, trauma. They were not in my dictionary. I was so much away from them. It is not that during that time I was stressed but I was just not me. Yes, with this feeling I felt like I was losing myself. But as always I was blessed, for he saved me. Finally the most awaited day of my life came, he finally expressed his feelings. He at last disclosed his love for me. I was on cloud nine that day. I just couldn’t stop blushing. I still remember clearly how easily my mother came to know about my relation for I couldn’t stop blushing all day. Every time his single call or text would come and there I was, just smiling. They say it does happen at that age. But I was really enjoying that time. Those were the best moments of my life. We were far different from other couples. We never fought, not even a single argument. We both understood the importance of that privacy, that space which a person needs in his or her life. I just had a perfect relation. When I went to another town for my further studies he decided to stay there only to start his own business. Even that time distance doesn’t change the things between us. We were good like before. We took out time for each other, continued our calls and chat, we even went for online dates. He always took great care of each and every need of mine and so did I. It was just perfect.

Within three years of our relation we both confessed everything at our homes also and as always there were no issues no chaos nothing. His family much happily accepted me and so did mine. We really didn’t have to go through that tough time of convincing everyone. Our families were really cool about our relation. His mother even advised me to make a good career first and then plan for wedding. I just simply accepted her advise, after all she was no less than my own mother to me. We both worked hard on our respected careers and got settled as well. His business started running off smoothly and I got my desired job. The time passed with its pace.

There came the most awaited day of our life our wedding day. After completing eight years of togetherness we finally tied the knot. My wedding was no less than a dream come true for me. We honestly waited for this day for a long time but we were so much occupied with responsibilities and duties that we had to wait for this day to come. My married life was no less than a surprise for me. Not even a single day after marriage I felt that I had left my own home. I felt I was still in my own home only. My in laws never took me as their daughter-in-law but they always treated me like their own daughter. Things were always good between us( me and my husband). Life was going on smoothly the way we had planned it, the way I had dreamt it to be. A year later we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. There were just waves of happiness all around. Finally my family, my AASHIYANA was complete.


The time went with its flow and so did our life. We both were still deeply in love. Our daughter had completed her 5 years of toddlerhood. Then came the most unawaited day of my life. My husband used to stay out of town for days, mentioning that this outside city tours were part of his work and I simply believed it without even asking anything. It was that day when my fairy tale life came to an end. It was that day when my aashiyana ended completely.


It was our daughter’s sixth birthday. My husband was on his business tour when out of no way he decided to surprise his angel. Even though he wanted to reach as soon possible to us, still being a responsible husband and a loving father, he maintained the speed of his car. But took a single wrong turn and our life ended, there my life ended. His car was hit by another car. I lost him at that instant, I lost the love of my life, my better half forever, my daughter lost her hero. I had completely lost interest in life from that day onwards. It was just impossible for me to live without him, he was my everything, he was my life. But I lived and I am still living for my daughter, I want her to live that fairy tale life which I always lived. I want her to be happy and I am glad, for she is happy.

I am sharing this story of mine to make all you readers realise that when you drive you have a responsibility. I didn’t make a case nor even I registered a complaint against those boys. I do not want their near ones to go through the same pain, the pain I am going through. I do not want their closed ones or anyone to suffer this feeling. To all young drivers

For you it could be fun but for someone it could be his life.


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