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Real Ways to Make Money in College/University

It has been commonly seen that as soon as students enter college and university, a sense of independence comes into play. This independence is of thought, lifestyle, opinion, managing things, and to a great extent finances and money as well. A lot of student have a certain zeal and desire to start earning on their own. They want to be financially independent. Of course they cannot be so completely, and let us acknowledge that we all as students are dependent on our parents until we are properly employed. But, in college and university life some students try to earn as much as is possible to make themselves free from constant asking for money from parents.

Want to make money while still in College?

For all those students who have making money in their mind, the article below has a few suggestions. Trying to earn and putting efforts not only solves the main purpose of earning along with studying. Students can also explore and have a greater scope in various other fields they did not know much about. One can also see this as an opportunity to test themselves and discover their other abilities and talents. Given below is a list of things that you can do to earn money while you continue to study in college or university.

Create an App

There are certain students who have programming skills. If you are one of them, you can utilize your skills in the right way and economical way. You can create an app for Android phones and iPhone and then sell them on the App Store. You can create both gaming as well as regular and normal apps. The best way to get your app going and making it successful is by identifying a digital need that has not been met yet and then creating an app to solve that issue. In this way your work will be much more economical as well.

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Becoming a Babysitter and Pet sitter

Another way to earn while still in college without disturbing your studies is watch out for small children or pets for working parents. Yes, there may be clashes of the office hours with college classes. But, it can be managed and you can talk to the concerned people and make a flexible schedule that suits both the parties.

You can also watch out for pets when people go out for several days for work or holiday. This is also beneficial as you can also watch over the kids only for a night or so. The elders might want to go for a night out and you can be of help to them. If you are a responsible person, just this one trait is good enough to fetch you some extra money without causing hindrance to your studies.

Working with your Professors

There are several professors in colleges and universities who hire students for their work. This work includes maintain of student records, their grades, in the preparation of chapters and lessons, etc. This may also include research work. You can check this system in your college/ university and apply to help a professor of a subject of your interest. This will not only fetch you additional money but also can help you in learning several new things. They may even offer you a job later!


These days, almost all the internships come with monetary benefits. They are usually paid and serve as a great way to not only earn but also to learn skills in the concerned area. Majorly, the internships are available during the summer season. However, in certain cases these summer internships programs are extended as well based on the performance or other factors.

Not only summers, there are several websites and apps that you can use to track internships at any time of the year. There are several internship profiles that accept interns from school years as well. Internships is one the best and the most chosen way to earn and gain skills without disturbing your studies.

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Become a YouTube Blogger

For all video enthusiasts and tech-geeks out there, you can become a YouTube Video Blogger during your college years. This is one of the great ways to earn that extra amount of money that you wanted to. YouTube pays its bloggers on the basis of the advertisements that are displayed during the video. The more advertisements people watch, the more money you earn. YouTube also pays you for the view on your video. Thus, while doing blogging you can have fun.

 Design your own Goodies

One of the most interesting and creative ways of earning money is by designing your own stuff and putting it up for sale. One can design your own T-Shirts, phone covers, book covers, and much more and sell it on online and offline platforms! You can put up your stalls at various cultural events and college and university fests as well! You can not only make designs and graphics, but also write quotes and phrases in the millennial lingo. This seems to work very well and is extremely popular among the youth.

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This is a great way to earn money! There is a lot of content that needs to be translated online and offline. If you know an additional language, you can take up take up translations from official work or some assignment and get paid for these translations. The translations is needed at various platforms, both in speaking and written. There are several websites that allow several students to login and allow them to translate and earn.

Freelance Writing for Blogs and Businesses

There are so many businesses and blogs that look for freelance writers for writing content for their website. Freelance writing is one of the best ways of earning money while studying in college. This is especially good if you are fast at tying and a good writer. Other than the blogs, the businesses are looking for writers of various types. This may range from general content, to putting brochures together, to technical writing, and others.

Another very popular job these days is proofreading. The proof reading can be done for authors, websites, blogs, and several others. Another advantage of this is that this can be done at anytime and anywhere. These profiles for proofreading and freelance writing or content writing can be found at several different internship platforms.

Real Ways to Make Money in College/University
Real Ways to Make Money in College/University

Money Made Easy

There are many more ways in which college or university going students can earn easy money while still in college. These activities can be carried out easily without causing hindrance to the studies and other college work of students. This not only fetches you some extra money and helps you in becoming financially independent but also helps in learning new skills for your future.

Suramyaa Tewari
Suramyaa Tewari
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