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How to finance your full-time travelling?

Since time immemorial, homo sapiens had been travelling from place to place. Exploration is the most common human nature, which is inherently seeded within human beings. From being hunter-gatherers to nomads, they wandered about from one place to another in search of food and work. As years passed by, they have bound themselves to fixed locations and had opted for a settled lifestyle

 However, the intrinsic interest of getting to new places has not escaped human characteristics. Be it Columbus or us; travelling is something which has intrigued mind ever since history. From discovering new places to excavating history, we always inclined to travel and see far-off places.

 Full-time travelling is recently becoming trendy. People passionate about exploring countries and places have geared up with the courage of travelling full time to quench their thirst for exploration. If you are passionate about travelling far and wide but couldn’t do so for fear of your finances, here are some jobs which will help you pay bills while you are out there wandering

 The dynamics of jobs have changed over the years, and there are multiple options you can sought for while ticking out places from your trip checklist.

 Travel Vlogging

Young female travel blogger giving tour in winter forest
Smiling content young female travel blogger in knitted hat and scarf gesturing hand while showing forest and giving tour in winter forest, she looking at camera

 If you are acquainted with you tube vlogs, then you must be aware of travelers reviewing places and blogging their trip! This is a dual benefit job. As you capture your exploration through your lenses, you also get a chance to earn money via YouTube as your views and subscribers increases with time. The more you reach out to the people, the more you get awarded financially. Besides, you can’t just escape the popularity gain as your blogs intrigue your viewers. 

 All that is needed is some blogging and vlogging skills, through which you can capture your travel experiences and itineraries and present it through your vlogs.

Travel writing

Girl Writing Journal Tent Concept
Girl Writing article on travel experience

 The skill required for this job is your writing proficiency. There are travel companies and agencies, hiring writers, and travelers to pen down their travel stories. If you have the apt flare for writing and narrating your experiences, this is just the perfect job for you. They are often freelance jobs and require you to pursue your work outside the office. Not only, you’ll get paid, but would get an opportunity to publish them online. Hunt down such jobs on the internet and apply for the post. This is supposedly the most secure job that you can sought for, as a full-time traveler. Some essential gadgets like a laptop phone and internet connectivity is all that is required for the purpose!

 Hostel worker

 All around the globe, there are hostel options for travelers and also for the ones visiting the place for work! You can go ahead and assist in hostel works on a part time such as prepping, housekeeping, cleaning wherever you travel. This gives you an option to spend nights in there for free and also provides for your finances! Besides, some hostels also offer free meals for the assistance. Some assistance to the hostel owners is all that is required for the goal. You can adjust your timings over a dialogue with your employer. While you travel and explore the destination, you get a provision for your livelihood!

 Language Teacher

 This work would be best suited if you are eligible to teach English. Various countries around the globe search for English teachers for the school. If you are a native English speaker or is certified to do so, nothing better can come your way! 

 This job earns you quite a lot of money and respect simultaneously. Besides, if the country you are visiting has scope for you to teach your native language, nothing better than that! All information regarding these jobs are easily available online, and you can get hold of one with your talent and smartness!

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 Tour guide


Apparently, the best in the lot. This is the job offering you to pay for travelling. If globe-trotting is what your mind tells you to pursue, get hold of an international or local company to work as a tour guide! With the experience you gather, you can move on to starting your own. Be it guiding people to the local sightseeing or offbeat destination; this will be nothing short of an experience for you!

 Travel around the globe, leading other trotters to the world yet to be explored!


 This job can also be taken up as a freelance service or as a part-time occupation. With the apt skill of preparing the perfect cocktail, you can take up the job of a bartender. This is easy to find job, as small hotels and pubs are always in search for tenders. You would hardly require any professional experience for the same unless you are trying to get hold of some in a fancy one! This provides you quite a handsome amount on per hour basis generally and also gives you an opportunity to experience the local lifestyle of the destination you are exploring!

 Work on a farm

 Farm-stays are often a part of full time traveling. If you are exploring countries, you’ll try to find solitude in the hamlets and farms. The best way to utilize your stay in the farms is to assist the owners in their daily chores. Working with the animals and in the barns will be a completely new experience and would also help you to lead an authentic farm life. 

 This work would provide you free accommodation and meals and financial assistance in some cases. This is easy to find a job, as the farm owners are often in search of helpers for their daily chores! You can earn either regularly or in terms of weekly work. Pay is good, and you can relax and unwind the clean ambiance.

 Yoga instructor

Young attractive women practicing yoga near window
Practicing yoga

 Yoga is the most common health regime followed all over the globe. If you are a fitness freak and have some knowledge of the yogic rules and posture, the fitness studios in all the cities is your go-to income spot! Else you can also try to put out classes personally. However, an institute provides a fixed income. 

 You can also promote your personal business on the internet, which will draw in a lot of fitness freaks for sure! This not only helps to get hold of some cash but also ensures that you are physically fit for your upcoming adventures!


 This is an easy technique to earn money if you are experienced in sales. This is an online sales job where you can sell products of your own brand via Amazon, easily. You earn by selling products through them! You simple don’t need any fixed store location as all your products are sold by Amazon’s network. Depending on your skill to sell products online and business mindedness, you can easily earn thousands of dollars without getting hinged to a fixed location and accomplishing your travel dreams!

These are some of the professions that you can think of undertaking in case the worry of finance causes hindrance to your passion for full time globe-trotting!

Dhriti Das
Dhriti Das
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