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OILING YOUR HAIR! (Every Benefit You Need To Know)

Self-care contains many things from proper mental needs to physical and social needs. Taking care of one’s body is as necessary as keeping the mind healthy and calm! One of the most exposed and neglected thing about the body is the hair. Many of us expose it to the outside environment, that is, pollution and dust, A LOT. We think applying the most expensive shampoo or conditioner would treat it but oiling never crosses the mind! Here is everything you need to know about oiling your hair.

oil your hair!
OILING YOUR HAIR! (Every Benefit You Need To Know)

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Usually, it is recommended not to leave oil on hair for more than 6-8 hours. But not everybody gets time to apply oil a night before or are comfortable with it. If you choose to apply oil overnight, always wash it off well because oil can attract dust too and removing it can become difficult at one go.

However, if you have dandruff or a very dry scalp, you should oil your hair more often. In addition, you should choose your oil according to your hair type.

On the other hand, you can apply oil for 30 minutes in the morning before washing your hair. Moreover, if you have enough time you can leave it for 2-3 hours, as well.

Also, always apply it to the scalp first and then from roots to ends!

Important tips for hair-care!

  • Firstly, never use a comb or brush after oiling. It leads to hair breakage and hair fall. Try to detangle your hair before oiling or after shampoo when your hair are dry.
  • Secondly, choosing the right oil for yourself is very important! Know your hair and its need and choose it, accordingly. The right type would help you with hair-repair, promote hair growth and nourish your hair. (if you have fizziness or any other issue, choose a specific oil that works against it!). Choosing natural oils like coconut, almond, olive or any other ones, is also a good choice.
  • Thirdly, if you expose your hair to excessive heat through straighteners or blow-dryers, you should really go for oiling!
  • Importantly, try to put oil in a regular interval and not on uneven days. Also, avoid using it in excessive quantities. It is because it gets difficult to remove it and you have to use extra shampoo. As a result, it can strip away the hair’s natural oils along with the excess oil.
  • Avoid tying you hair tight after oiling them. It can lead to breakage.
  • Also, do not wash your hair with hot water.
heat can damage hair
OILING YOUR HAIR! (Every Benefit You Need To Know)

Benefits of oiling your hair

The benefits of oiling go long way back from the advice of all the grand-mothers for the hair, to a good technique for stress-relief now!

Here are some benefits that would really encourage you to oil your hair if you have been ignoring this amazing technique!

Prevents hair damage and fall

  • In a way, oil coats the hair with a protective layer.
  • Moreover, hair quality really weakens after using heat on it, it is very important to oil your hair afterwards!
  • It reduces the heat damage on hair and strengthens them.
  • Massaging the scalp leads to exfoliation of the scalp and removes the dead cells. This process nourishes the hair and thus, prevents hair fall to a great extent.

Stimulates hair growth

  • The technique of oiling is very important!
  • Massaging the entire scalp properly, increases the blood circulation. As a result, it helps with the hair growth.
  • Moreover, it strengthens hair follicles (hair are produced by the hair follicles situated on the outermost layer of the scalp!) that in turn stimulate the overall hair growth on the scalp.
  • In addition, it also replenishes the lost vitamins to the scalp and strengthen the roots.
  • As a result, applying it with the right technique boosts the hair growth!

Relives stress

  • Oiling can be very effective if you want to get rid of stress or escape your thoughts for a while.
  • In addition, it really helps one to stay more calm as it relaxes the muscles.
  • Moreover, stress can be a great factor for increased hair fall. Hence, it is a great stress buster that in-turn, reduces hair fall!

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Moisturizes the hair

  • Like the body, the scalp needs moisturizing too. Due to constant exposure, hair tend to lack hydration more often. In addition, dry hair can lead to hair fall.
  • Oil can be a great moisturizer for the hair cells.
  • In other words, it hydrates the scalp and provides it with the right nutrients.
  • As a result, it nourishes the hair both, internally and externally. Also, it provides a good texture to the hair and makes them soft.

Prevents Frizziness

  • Frizziness occurs when hair lack moisture. The dryness leads to the outer layer of hair to swell up instead of lying flat. Moreover, frizzy hair are tough to manage.
  • Regular oiling can help manage the dryness and reduce the frizz.
  • As discussed above, moisturizing the hair is very crucial.
  • In addition, it leads to soft hair with a good amount of moisture.

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Reduces the risk of lice and dandruff

  • Lice are wingless parasites found on human head, feeding on their blood. Nobody wants these insects on their head!
  • Dandruff and Lice are more attracted to dry and sweaty scalp.
  • Oil prevents dryness and exfoliates the skin that helps to reduce the risk of lice.
  • In addition, many oils have anti-bacterial properties that help to get ride of bacteria caused by the dead cells on the scalp.
Good hair day to you!
OILING YOUR HAIR! (Every Benefit You Need To Know)

Applying oil is an important part of hair-care. One should always choose the right oil and apply it, in the right quantity. Oil should be applied to the extent of providing the right nutrients and moisture to the hair and not over utilise it.

Importantly, oil should be applied at least one or two times, a week. It is a vital aspect of self-care, as well that provides your hair all the love they need!

So, for this week-end, why not give yourself an amazing champi and relax?


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