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Top TEN books for children and beginners looking for an easy read!

Books are one of the best things. People who inculcate the habit of reading from their childhood gain a lot of knowledge about things and a good habit in their routine. However, at times welcoming people to the world of reading becomes a task. Getting to know what genre engages one and maintaining focus on a specific story can be points of hurdles for some people.

Importantly, one can make reading a habit with consistent efforts and in no time, get addicted to it. Moreover, reading helps in a lot of phases of a person’s development. It helps in reducing stress and, boosting the mood and confidence. In addition, many a time, it gives good knowledge and important life lessons. As a result, reading should be made a habit of every children!

Firstly, reading helps children have a better sense of understanding. In other words, it helps in their overall growth. Secondly, it increases the attention span of children that in turn, helps them to focus better. Thirdly, it helps to improve their analytical skills and vocabulary. Hence, reading does not only aid their success in academic life but also, later in life.

However, finding the right book for children can become a task at times. So, here is a list of books that any child would love to read. Not only children but these books can be liked by the newbies in the reading world, as well!

Thus, if you are trying to make your child, younger sibling, niece, nephew or yourself enter the beautiful world of reading, you are at the right place!


1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

AUTHOR- Jeff Kinney

most interesting for children!
Top TEN books for children and beginners looking for an easy read!
  • Firstly, it is one of the best books for children.
  • Secondly, it is not only funny but also encourages analytical thinking among its readers. Not only children but even adults like reading some parts of this book.
  • Thirdly, it is unique in its own style and pictures. With the writing technique of a child’s diary entry, it also portrays text font and pictures in a complementary way.
  • In addition, there is no struggle in reading this book. It is so light and easy to read that it is more like a mood-booster!
  • Moreover, there are movies inspired by this book. For instance, Roderick Rules and Dog Days. So, you can motivate the children to read and reward them with a movie night too!
  • If your child is new to the reading world, this is one of the most interesting books to start with. They will surely want to read the entire series as soon as they finish the first part.

2. Famous Five

AUTHOR- Enid Blyton

  • Firstly, any Enid Blyton’s book would never let you down!
  • Secondly, it would not be a wonder if this book becomes your child’s all time favourite.
  • Thirdly, it is about the adventures of four cousins and their dog.
  • Moreover, it is one of the most entertaining books because of the imagination, it creates in one’s mind.
  • It has sub themes of mystery and thrill with amazingly written plots.
  • In addition, it can be a great source for your child to work upon their creative and writing skills.
  • Yes, you need to buy this one now!

3. Hardy Boys

AUTHOR- Franklin W Dixon

  • Firstly, Hardy Boys is another book series that can truly engage any child.
  • Secondly, it is a story about young detectives and their adventures.
  • Moreover, it makes one more curious about certain things and question the good and the bad.
  • Also, the adventures of the two children were joined by a couple of friends.
  • In addition, many stories throw light upon several moral topics and push one to think critically.
  • Importantly, it will surely increase the observation skills of your children because it is all about unravelling the mysteries.
  • It is one of those books that both the children and parents can enjoy together!

4. Nancy Drew

AUTHOR- Carolyn Keene

  • Firstly, this is the most popular book of almost every childhood! Even after all these years, it has not been forgotten.
  • Secondly, this book series is an interesting read for almost every age out there. It always engaged one into its world.
  • Moreover, the world of Nancy Drew has extended to board games, video games and even TV series in all these years.
  • In addition, it has an amazing narrative and mystery theme.
  • This book series can be another book to read with your children and develop a better family bond!

5. Geronimo Stilton Series

AUTHOR- Elisabetta Dami

  • Firstly, it a great mix of comedy and educational genre.
  • Secondly, this book series has its own charm and will entertain almost everyone!
  • Moreover, if your children is fond of adventures, this book again is filled with MANY.
  • It revolves around the story of a mouse who is afraid of a lot of things.
  • The humour in it really engages one. So, if next time you see your child laughing while reading, it would not be a wonder if it is this book!

6. The Adventures of Tin Tin Book

AUTHOR- Hergé 

best children's book
Top TEN books for children and beginners looking for an easy read!
  • Firstly, this book has been an adventure story especially for children.
  • Secondly, it throws light on many positive values of an individual.
  • Moreover, it has many adventurous plots and different stories to keep its readers engaged. With every story, there is a new culture, character or a completely different set-up.
  • It is an amazing escape from the normal world and completely captures its reader’s interest.
  • In addition, at many points, it also highlights the bad side of the society. In other words, it throws light on various stereotypes and urges one to think.
  • It is an amazing comic series and is full of surprises.
  • To sum it up, it is one of the most incredible stories that can be very beneficial for any child!

7. A to Z Mystery Series Book


  • Firstly, it revolves around kind children solving mysteries around.
  • Secondly, it is a bunch of wholesome stories with many funny instances.
  • Moreover, it has many twists to keep one engaged throughout.
  • It teaches one a lot in many ways because the children are always keen to do the right thing!
  • Importantly, it is filled with values and proves that, “the good always wins”.
  • In addition, it is a great mystery book for beginners and has all the happy ending stories.

8. Secret Seven

AUTHOR- Enid Blyton, Pamela Butchart

  • Firstly, it revolves around seven friends and their adventures of unravelling mysteries.
  • Secondly, each story has its own background and brings out a different set of fun.
  • Thirdly, it is very engaging for every child out there and makes it tough to drop the book down.
  • Moreover, all the characters have their own unique set of traits and add more interest to every story.
  • In addition, there are many hints throughout, that add to the entertainment.
  • Get one part of this series and you will definitely buy many other parts!

9. Goosebumps

AUTHOR- R.L. Stine

horror book!
Top TEN books for children and beginners looking for an easy read!
  • Firstly, we all have heard about this title and know what the genre holds!
  • Secondly, it does not include an extreme level of creepy horror. However, the children and beginners with interest in horror genre will find it more engaging.
  • It is mainly for the teens looking for a horror story that could give them some chills.
  • Moreover, as parents, you could read some to your child and enjoy by concentrating more on the humour.
  • On the other hand, at many times, it highlights important messages like teamwork and positivity apart from the twists.
  • It is a well written book and has amazing plots.
  • So, if you are looking for something in the horror genre, THIS IS THE BEST SERIES!

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10. Roald Dahl; the best author for children (AUTHOR)

  • All his books are a MUST TRY!
  • Firstly, there is something special about his writing and plots.
  • Secondly, ALL his books are fun and interesting. So, you need not worry about the quality of literature, your child is reading.
  • Thirdly, these books are innovative and encourage critical thinking among children.
  • Almost all of his books convey the message of how GOOD wins over EVIL. In other words, he has added a touch of reality through fiction.
  • His creative style makes one completely engaged in his work.
  • Some of his best works are:
    • Matilda
    • Charlie and the Chocolate factory
    • James and the Giant Peach
    • The BFG
    • Fantastic Mr Fox
    • the Witches
    • The Twits
  • To sum it up, his extraordinary creative and writing skills can give the best time to your children. Introduce them to any one of his books and they would surely ask for many others (you know, where to come for the suggestions!).
reading books!
Top TEN books for children and beginners looking for an easy read!

Reading is an incredible hobby. The more early a child starts to read, the better it is. Not only for children but if you are an adult and still looking for some reasons to read, do check out HERE.

Introduce your child to some of these books and they will surely be grateful for these times when they grow up. Books leave a great impact on everybody and last for eternity.

Happy Reading to you and the people around you.


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