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ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)

We have all heard about Rose Water! Be it, in the form of a fragrance of a perfume or any other medical or cosmetic products. Moreover, it works as a fragrance and taste element in various food and drink items. However, there are many benefits of rose water that are still unknown to many. So, here is everything you need to know about rose water and its benefits!

rose water
ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)

Rose water

  • Firstly, it has been a traditional and a magical source for many health and stress related issues. People all around the world use it as a natural remedy for several things.
  • Secondly, rose water is created by distilling rose petals with steam. The name of the plant is Rosa Damascena. In addition, rose water contains some percentage of rose oil. (source)
  • Thirdly, it has versatile properties. Some of the benefits below explain a few of such properties! Moreover, it provides many culinary and medical benefits too.

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Benefits of Rose Water!

(Before applying any product anywhere, a person should always apply a little portion of it on their arm as a test. It helps to know if one has any allergic reaction or sensitivity towards the product being used. Importantly, it is generally non-allergic. But for the ones who may have any sensitivity towards the substance, it has. It can be a problem)

Here are some benefits of rose water!

1. Mental Well-Being

  • Rose water provides many benefits that contribute towards mental health.
  • Firstly, it has anti-depressant properties. In other words, it helps to lighten the mood and improves it.
  • Secondly, it also helps in emotional well-being. It reduces the feelings of grief, tension and sadness because of its properties.
  • Thirdly, it has de-stressing properties. It helps to cope up with stress.
Rose water helps to lighten the mood.
ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)
  • Most importantly, it is used in aromatherapy (using aromatic materials like essential oils for psychological and physical well-being). Its components and fragrance have a healing and soothing affect.
  • It has also been studied that it helps and heals the central nervous system.
  • In addition, it can help with headaches! It has been proves that its de-stressing effects help in soothing headaches.
  • A simple trick: Take a cloth and apply some rose water to it. After that, put it on your forehead for some time. You will feel calm and relaxed. It is an easy way to give yourself the right care!

2. Rose water helps in digestion!

  • Firstly, this is a very less-known fact about it yet, was widely used as a traditional method before.
  • Secondly, it improves the secretion and increases the bile flow (the fluid produced by the liver to aid digestion).
  • As a result, it helps when a person is suffering from bloating or upset stomach.
  • Moreover, it also helps during menstrual pains.
  • In other words, it is very useful and helps with stomach pain and cramps.

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3. Benefit for the eyes!

benefits of rose water for skin
ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)
  • Importantly, it provides incredible benefits for the eyes and solve many eye related problems.
  • Firstly, it can help reduce the eye puffiness. In addition, it also reduces dark circles.
  • Secondly, it is also used as eye drops by many. The liquid form is used for eye drops as it really relaxes and soothes irritation. (Source NIH)
  • Rose water is popular for its refreshing fragrance and affects. When applied on eyes, it really fives a fresh look to the face! In addition, it removes the tiredness from the face and replaces it with an active look.
  • So, when rushing late and unable to do the entire cleansing routine, just tap your eyes with some of it and sprinkle it on your face!
  • Tip: You should use cotton pads and put some rose water in it. And everyday before sleeping, relax your eyes by putting these cotton pads on them. Believe it or not, it helps you to get a soothing sleep.

4. Skin

  • The benefits are applicable to the ones who DO NOT HAVE any allergy related to substances of the rose water.
  • You all must have primarily known rose water for its benefits on skin! It has many beneficial affects on the skin.
  • The skin is the most exposed part of the body. It suffers a lot due to pollution, dust, UV rays and other impure substances. It is really important to take its care

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  • Firstly, it is a natural remedy to hydrate and moisturize the skin. So, if you really like using something mild and refreshing then it would suit you the best!
  • Secondly, it can be used as a toner. Toner plays an important role in the process of cleansing the skin. In other words, if you want a natural fragrant toner, rose water is the best for the job!
  • Moreover, rose water has many antioxidants. In simple words, it protects the skill cells from damage.
  • It also has anti-ageing properties. In addition, it works the best against wrinkles and lines on the face.
  • Rose water is a sub-product in many skin related products. Moreover, many home-made masks and scrubs work efficiently because of it. For instance, making a paste of gram flour and rose water and using it, gives a very natural flow to the skin.
  • It is best for the its cooling affect. As a result, it helps to get rid of skin rashes, irritation and redness.
  • Tip: fill a spritzer spray bottle with rose water and sprinkle it daily two times! You can also use it as a makeup remover.

5. Helps with Sore-Throat

  • Rose water has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
  • Not only a beneficial for the skin, but it also helps with sore throat. In other words, it really helps in the treatment.
  • It has been proven and studied that it helps in relaxing throat muscles and aids with the pain.
  • Importantly, it acts as a relaxant.
  • It is one of the best home remedies for sore-throat and has been used a lot traditionally.
  • One should always consult a doctor when having a sore throat but such home remedies can be used along with the main treatment.
  • Tip: You can add some rose water to your beverages or even mix it with your syrup (first, consult a doctor)

6. Benefits for Hair

ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)
ROSE WATER (Everything You Need To Know About It!)
  • Hair suffer a lot of exposure to sun and dust. It is very common for the hair to lack moisture. Rose water can really do the right work to moisturize the hair because of its properties. In other words, it really enhances their quality.
  • Moreover, it can also treat the scalp inflammations at the beginning stage. Not only this, but it also aids in treating dandruff.
  • In addition, it is beneficial for dry and frizzy hair. It really works against the dryness of the hair.
  • It is the best natural remedy to moisten your hair and enhance its growth.
  • Tip: You can use rose water as a natural conditioner or add some to other conditioner.

7. Healing properties

  • Apart from all the qualities mentioned above, it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  • It is really effective to heal the wounds faster. I t is because it keeps them clean and fights against the infections.
  • Moreover, it is also used in case of mild skin irritation and redness.
  • It has antioxidants and properties that aid cell damage. As a result, it makes healing process easier and faster.

Rose water is nothing but magical as it can do wonders…

It is not much known but it has multiple properties that help with various things. For an additional use, it can also be used in laundry (fragrance aspect), in different dishes and beverages, making home-made masks and even, as a mouth wash! (YES, it is effective)

Moreover, even if you are having trouble sleeping, why not put some rose water on your face and just, relax! You have the best antidote to stress.

Also, you can pamper yourselves someday with a bath using rose water. It is very relaxing and soothing. Also, you will look more fresh!

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