Movie Riview of Commando 2


The movie which introduces the hero with closeup of his bulging bivlceps before getting view of his face. Impressive action star of this movie, Vidyut Jamwal but for all the back-flips, the slipping through tiny places and other impressive action stunts this film is deprived of solid punch. This movie is such boring at places as it goes round and round in convoluted circles. The shrewd attempt of makers to cash in on hot button issues like farmer’s suicide and demonetization. The flick is a bargain basement version of Abbas Mustan film and logic defined twists. The role played by Vidyut as commander and a motley team are put together to bring a money launderer who is very famed named Vicky Chaddha who operates from overseas. The idea behind this is to get Indian government hold of crores of black money and to use for the good of the nation before cunning businessmen and politicians get their hands on it. The team goes to Bankok in pursuit of Chaddha but this plot has so many foolish twists tha one wishes to keep viewrs hooked with the energy of Vidyut for what is going on. Their team comprises of usual computer nerd, a cop who switches sides with the blink of an eye and an encounter specialist Adah Sharma who is so ditsy at times that viewers can’t resist themselves from chukling at her low IQ one-liners. ¬†Esha Gupta who is laiden with sexy accessories and gowns is way more entertaining than her character with mysterious motives. Vidyut does eye-popping crazy stunts including one in which he slipps effortlessly through a small hole. Even after this, the action seems repeatitive and overlong as the plot which it is serving is an underwhelming entity. ¬†Though Vidyut can move its muscles like few can, his acting skills need help. In the end this film feels as pointless as demonetised 500 rupee note!