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There are many conspiracy theories about how the first moon landing by NASA could be a staged hoax. Many documentaries supporting these theories have led people to actually believe that it was a fake.

Reality is, it would have been cheaper to actually carry out a moon landing mission then rather than faking it. 


    1. Shadows don’t lie

      Analysing the lightings and shadows of the footage of the moon landing using image forensics, Mark Cuban, a motion picture analyst said that the light source in the moon footage is parallel sun rays with no diffusion. To mimic the lighting, the NASA would need a wall of lasers which. Only red lasers were available back in the day. They were very big and expensive too. It would have been impossible to recreate the footage as it would have been all red and pixelated.

    2. Retroreflectors

      moon landingDuring their time on the moon, the astronauts placed a reflective material over there. These are called retroreflectors. They bounce back high-power when aimed at them from the moon. This is a real proof that they indeed went to the moon.

    3. The Technology to Fake it didn’t Exist.

      The cameras needed to fake it we not yet made so the only way that they could have faked it is by using computer graphics. The kind of technology required to build the kind of footage that was broadcasted was not yet developed back then. 

    4. Hoaxers don’t have proof

      All the reasonings for believing that it is a hoax have been easily justified with clean proofs. 

    5. Russians

      They would have probably proved that the moon landing was fake by now if that was the case.

Now that we are in 2018, let’s not believe in everything we see on the internet. Research your way towards the truth!

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