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Few splendid items from Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is the northernmost state of the country. This place is full of serene sights and jaw-dropping beauty. Apart from the natural gift to this place, Kashmir has also got a few Kashmiri food items. Kashmiri Cuisine is famous for non-vegetarians. The cuisine provides you with a wide variety of meat that tastes mild. Kashmiri foods are not so spicy. They prefer a milder and lighter taste in their foods. Kashmiri foods make good use of hot and fragrance spices such as cardamom, cloves, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, and saffron. Let us see some of the famous dishes 

Rogan Josh: One of the few Kashmiri lamb dishes

It is best known as a signature dish of Kashmir. When you talk of Kashmiri food, this dish tops the list. This lamb dish is full of aroma. It is prepared using the fragrance spices. This gives such a pleasant feeling to the foodies. It is a healthy low-fat dish and tastes best with pieces of bread like naan or rice. It a delicious curry of Kashmiri cuisine prepared with yoghurt and brown onions. Hence, try this for sure on your visit to Kashmir. 

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Kashmiri Pulao filled with ghee- Modur Pulao

Talking of pulao, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple mix of boiled rice and veggies. But this Kashmiri delicacy is a bit different. It is full of milk, ghee and cardamom. This makes it rich in nutrients and warm for the body. Apart from it, it is full of dry fruits like almond, cashew nuts and raisins. Also, this wholesome pulao tastes a bit sweet as the chef use sugar as an ingredient. The main ingredient saffron imparts a great colour to this dish. This gives the pulao a tinch of golden colour in it. The whole appearance is so mouth-watering. All the rice lovers, set this dish in your try out a list. You won’t regret it. 

Kahva- Refreshing Kashmiri beverage

Most people have a particular interest in having tea. They go from place to place and try different sorts of tea. They would for sure know a lot about Assam. So, coming back to Kahva, it is yet another tea from Kashmir. If you travel to Kashmir, you are very likely to have this tea. It is green tea, filled with the goodness of saffron spices, almonds, and walnut. This is a popular herbal beverage for almost every occasion or feast. This tea finds its various forms and types. Every Kashmiri household prepares Kahva in their way. Henceforth, it comes in almost 20 different variations. It is also known as Maugal Chai. 

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Yakhni lamb curry: another lamb delicacy

Lamb curries are famous foods of Kashmir. Due to the low temperatures of this place, people here prefer warmer foods. Lamb meat suits best for this purpose. The yakhni lamb curry is yet another preparation of yoghurt curry. It is a popular dish in Kashmiri cuisine. This lamb curry is made in a gravy full of yoghurt, mawal flowers, onion paste, and dry mint leaves. This curry has a great aroma due to green cardamom, black cardamom and fennel. The aroma in itself is sufficient to make you crave for the curry. It goes good with rice and butter naan. 

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Dum Olav: A Kashmiri potato curry

Coming over to potato curry or a vegetarian curry from the entire non-vegetarian list. This is not that dum aloo which you prepare at home. It is a special potato curry from Kashmiri cuisine. Consequently, this curry is filled with the aroma of fresh spices like fennel, cardamom, bay leaves and other hot spices. Fresh baby potatoes are taken and dipped in a gravy of yoghurt and ginger paste. This entire dish is then cooked and served hot with rice or loaves of bread. 

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Shab Deg: the name itself brings nostalgia

Non-vegetarians will find a whole lot of new dishes that they would binge eating. This name itself describes its cooking methodology. Shab means night and Deg refers to a large vessel. Shab Deg is a different meat curry that requires an immense amount of patience. It is cooked overnight with the richness of flavours and spices. This dish is cooked with rooster and turnips in a vessel that is sealed with dough. It ensures that the flavours get evenly mixed up in the entire night and what you get as a result is a delicious curry. 

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Lyader Tschaman: one of the few vegetarian Kashmiri dishes

Let’s move on to vegetarian dish as a lot of meat recipes are already mentioned. So Lyader Tschaman is a Kashmiri cottage cheese curry whose gravy is filled with cream. A special feature of Kashmiri cottage cheese is its colour. It has got a yellow colour, unlike others which are white. The gravy is rich with spices, ginger, garlic, tomato and onion paste. It is so relishing with slices of bread and rice. 

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