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Is Content Writing Challenging? Challenges Faced In The Field.

The role of a content creator is never simple. From generating new stuff every day, to executing large plans within a day’s time, content creation is underestimated. However, with more and more content required every day, content creators are getting the recognition they deserve.

There are many different kinds of content creation in mainstream media nowadays. However, one stream that isn’t really distinguished as such is content writing. Often grouped together with journalism, content writers aren’t given the time of the day based on their job and it is often that content writing is only seen as a side job. Here are also some other challenges content writers face in their journey.


Creativity is a jar that only selectively opens. And the opening of this jar is almost always in a time most unconventional. Maybe in a car or right as you go to sleep is when ideas for content come knocking at your mind’s door. But never do they knock when you have a deadline due. Deadlines are the time your brain either functions at top speed or not at all. Procrastination is a trait that exists almost in all writers. And yet, there are ways to get over the dread of completing work and actually doing it within a deadline.

deadlines in content writing
Is Content Writing Challenging? Challenges Faced In The Field.

Take a deep breath for firsts. Your work isn’t really much, it just feels like it. Make a list, and place checkboxes next to it. Reward yourself with a tick mark right after finishing a task. And soon you’ll get to the end of your writing spree and your work will be done well within deadline.

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The Dearth of Content.

A problem that I have most often noticed with my writing process is there being a dearth of content for a certain topic. Content for it is scarce, but you have to write almost a three thousand word dissertation. And it makes you feel defeated, and you don’t even begin to work. For this, there are two solutions you could resort to. The first one, is embellish. Embellish your content, use fancy words and spin-worthy sentences to fill up paragraphs. Unfortunately for this method, if the person reading this piece is a seasoned writer, the trick is easily caught.

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So, instead of indulging in this easy but fool-hardy venture, I would suggest that you try a new method. Follow the order of content. You would have noticed this pattern in Wikipedia’s articles. The content starts with a brief synopsis, with only the most essential details. It is followed by a history of the topic of discussion. Do your research well. Follow this order-synopsis, history, current features, developments, speculations, personal opinion, conclusion. It is a lot of work compared to the previous trick, but this one definitely yields better results.

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Content Writer’s Block.

The most common that you could face as a content writer is a writer’s block. This could last an hour in the day or go on for weeks, maybe even months. A lot of people freak out that their writing skills are transient and choose to give up on content creation. Instead of abandoning this field of work, indulge in it further. Discover what made you love writing once again. Write in small amounts. Go slow. But do not stop. Even hundred words a day is an achievement. And try to write on topics that you are not really attached to.

frustration with content writing
Is Content Writing Challenging? Challenges Faced In The Field.

The majority of a writer’s block comes from a. no mastery of the language, b. too much of an attachment to the informality of writing. If you are not good with words, finding good words to write when your brain is empty is definitely going to be difficult. And on the other hand, writing from your heart is a beautiful thing, but it is not always going to take you where you want to go.

Writing requires just as much of practice as any other skill, and you must hone it with both ideas you like and don’t like. Here’s a small exercise, take an inanimate object like a ball or a chair. Write a story on this object, something that three-year-old kids would read. You wouldn’t need to think up of words you do not know, but you also will be concentrating heavily on the sentence structure. Your attention to this project will make you completely forget the burdens of writer’s block.

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For some, writing is a passion project. For others, it’s a means of daily sustenance. Writing could be both something you like, and also something you do because you have to. You don’t need to feel guilty about it, you know? But also, it is understandable, that there is a lot of stress that comes with the territory. The looming deadlines, the constant revisions, the endless competition, writing was never an easy job.

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However, you are not wrong in wanting to take a break. If a daily job, ask for a break. Burnouts are normal, and you are entitled to a brief break from the stress. If a passion project, give yourself a vacation from writing. Stick to your phone’s notepad app; jot down whatever new idea comes to mind. Note down details in shorthand. But don’t develop them till your vacation is over. Once your mind is fresh, clear and scrubbed clean, you’ll start brimming with ideas.

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Bad Pay in Freelance.

Content writing doesn’t require a formal learning and training period unlike other skills. You can learn to write through school and college, and manage both easily. However, it may be easy to write and get into the market. Staying in it, is a completely different battle. Writing has some cut-throat competition and it may be months before you get your first gig.

Is Content Writing Challenging? Challenges Faced In The Field.
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Take this chance to seek out internship opportunities instead of freelance, to build up a look-worthy resume. Most freelancers have trouble dredging up recommendations and qualifications. Do not make this blunder and learn to be self-reliant by seeking out all avenues and testing them out. Content writing in itself may not be an adequate job, but do not worry for it will grow on you.

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