A Look at India’s Favourite Online Card Games

Card games have been a staple of Indian culture for the past few centuries, and are among the most popular genres of family games in the vast country. For the older generation, card games are reminiscent and representative of their childhood, whereas youngsters have inherited classic card games in online form.

As is evident by our research that consisted of checking data from app stores and online casinos, digital card games are extremely popular; and their fanfare is showing no signs of slowing down. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the three games that have the most popularity in India.

#1- Teen Patti

Originally a homegrown variant of the English three-card brag, Teen Patti is widely considered to be the most played card game in India. Its end goal is akin to that of poker, which increases its worldwide accessibility. There are many ways to play Teen Patti online, and a quick look at the casino/card game charts of any app store will tell you that millions of Indians partake in the game via multiple apps offered by a number of developers; all that are equally popular.

The game can be played both with and without wagering money, and up to ten players can play at one time. This adds a broader social aspect to it and international game providers are recognising its fanfare in India, which is compelling them to add it to their own gambling sites.

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#2- Rummy

Arguably the second most popular card game in India is Rummy. Though the game itself is widely recognised over the world, the one played in India is slightly different to the one enjoyed in the West. The difference lies in the number of cards that are dealt to a single player, and the use of jokers added to the card mix.

The goal of the game is to use the cards that have been handed to you to create consecutive sets that correspond with Rummy rules; examples include three cards of the same suit. Similar to Teen Patti, Rummy has a user base that numbers in the millions and a plethora of developers have their own versions of the game floating on the market.

#3- Poker

If there is a card game that can compete with Rummy for the second spot, it is Poker. Perhaps the most famed and glamorized card game over the globe it slightly pales in comparison to Teen Patti but is still greatly popular.

This universal fame means that the number of ways to play the game as well as the number of companies that provide it is higher than any other card game. Like the other two games mentioned in this piece, Poker has a strong competitive scene and players often take part in online competitions to fight for large jackpots.


To sum up, card games have been a predominant part of Indian gaming culture for centuries, and with the online rule, this is not bound to change anytime soon. Games like rummy, Teen Patti and Poker along with other ones not mentioned in this article have found a new lifeline over the internet. With further advancements in technology and internet access in India, it’s safe to say that the online card gaming niche is only forecasted to grow.

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