HomesocialInstagram Reels – How To Get On Top Of The Gramming Game.

Instagram Reels – How To Get On Top Of The Gramming Game.

The world has become more and more about presentation everyday. With everything going on social media, people seemed to have forgotten where reality ends and reel life begins. The existentialism of our social media presence aside, it has become more crucial for you to market yourself the right way. And all your marketing is better impacted or received when it goes on social media. Rather than just marketing on sites like Linkedin or Internshaala, you should reach out to alternate sources too.

Reaching out on social media apps such as Instagram or Facebook ensures that people actually notice you. And if you are selling something worth buying or hiring, they will. One of the methods you could use to market yourself better or even get a better following is to make reels. And not just any reels, good reels.

What Is A Reel?

The successor to Tiktoks, Reel is basically a fifteen-second short video clip of anything you want it to be. Since the ban on Tiktoks by the Indian government and the shadowban by the American government, creators have been venturing into alternate methods of content creation. And quite conveniently enough, they have reels for their disposal.

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Simply an Instagram version of TikTok, reels seem to have picked up where tiktoks left off and they are doing quite well. Right now, reels have been introduced as a primary short video creation software incorporated into Instagram in over fifty countries. While it seems like the replacement for tiktok, it isn’t all the same. Here’s a small breakdown on how to make your first reel if you have never used either app before.

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How To Make Your First Reel

The basic working notion that runs both tiktok and Reels is that they are three to fifteen second videos that can either be filmed instantly or in intervals. They have several easy editing features and because of this, even people with limited editing abilities can create eye catching content. And as a content creator or a marketer yourself, it is important that you know how to make and edit your reel. A sidenote, it is also important for you to stay on top of the latest challenges and trend on social media. All so that you can make and release your content as soon as possible and stay relevant all the time.

Now, onto making your first reel. First, you can make your video from the reels camera or upload it from your camera roll. You can film these as one full take or multiple takes stitched together. They will however only come upto fifteen seconds on the dot. Reels are currently mobile only. You can’t watch them or make them from your laptop. One of the main reasons reels are the IT thing right now is because you can virtually see them everywhere. From being shared on stories to coming up on the explore page first and foremost, reels are the first and last thing you see on Instagram.

Making Reels For A Business Account

Unfortunately, due to copyright violations, business accounts are not allowed to use artist’s music in reels. So if you are planning on making reels to market your business accounts, you will have to either use original audio that your business has created or has copyrighted. Or you could come up with new innovative concepts for reels.

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You could make behind the scenes videos for your company. For example you are a shoe marketing company and you want to showcase your latest collection. You could show the making of your best selling product in a 15 second breakdown reel. Or if you market clothes, you could showcase the best of your collection walking down the ramp. There are endless possibilities. Stop motion videos are the craze these days. Basically stop motion videos consist of jumps between scenes abruptly, often for comic effect.

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What To Keep In Mind

Either as a content creator, or as a business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before marketing your ideas, products and yourself. First and foremost, do not have long captions. It is highly unlikely that your viewers read your captions. It would be better if you incorporate your message into your reel itself. For links that you would like people to check out, mention it on the reel itself or they shall not know.

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Instagram Reels – How To Get On Top Of The Gramming Game.

Second, observe. The true mark of a content creator comes not from just creating interesting content, but from also observing groundbreaking ones. You need to stay on top of the trends, making reels of trends that are still fresh, and this needs a lot of observation and quick thinking. Third, have a steady backdrop. Having a place to quickly make reels is important. In case there is a trend that needs minimal preparation, you need to have a backdrop you can use each time. Fourth, know a fair bit of editing. Before you start making reels, know how to use them and different features present in them like cutting, editing, scaling.

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The Last Step

The last step as an individual content creator is confidence! Be confident about your material! You have put in a lot of work into your reel, it is bound to be successful. And even if it isn’t, the next one will be. You need to keep trying, and you will succeed some day. Reels are just a new form of video making, one that easier than youtube. It is alright if you don’t actively market it too. It all depends on you in the end.

In the end, learn to have fun! This entire adventure is in the end a fun experience and it is important that you don’t get swept up completely into the algorithm and the obsession of it. Include your friends, document your memories, but learn to have as much fun as you can, and be happy. I wish you good luck on your real and reel life adventures!!!

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