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Immunity boosting foods to consume to keep yourself healthy

It seems like the only solution to battle the ongoing crisis and situations is to take extra care of your immunity. With COVID 19 spreading like wildfire, and more and more people getting affected by the virus, it only makes sense to take extra care of your health. 

The best way to safeguard your health is to consume a lot of immunity-boosting foods. Not only will these foods make you feel better and healthy, but they will also ensure that your body is well prepared to fight all diseases and viruses. In fact, consuming immunity boosting foods is important, not just during the pandemic, but also as a part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Why should you consume immunity boosting foods?

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A good immune system and a nutritious diet are the firm foundations that will give you a long and healthy life. If you take the utmost care with respect to the above two, your body will be able to protect you from any and every kind of disease, even the COVID 19. We are still waiting for some miracle or some discovery that will help cure the virus. And that might still take some time. 

However, there are some vitamins and minerals that you need to include in your diet as soon as possible. These will help you stay strong, and help your body fight off all viruses. 

Healthy eating practices to keep in mind:

Coronavirus, or no coronavirus; these are practices that you should keep in mind always. Be punctual in following these.

Fruits, vegetables, and seeds

This is the most obvious item of all on the list. Make sure that you get a lot of servings of fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet. Those who consume greater amounts of these foods have better immunity as compared to those who do not. Additionally, this will also reduce your risks of infection. 

Cut down on sugar and carbohydrates

As per lab tests and studies, sugar impairs the functioning of white blood cells. Also, rises in blood sugar levels will make you more prone to infections and other health complications. Thus, it is recommended that you cut down on your sugar intake. 

Soups and broths

Soups and broths are excellent immunity boosting foods. They are also common remedies to cure a cold and flu. Moreover, consuming such foods improves the ability of the body to recover from infections. 

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Top immunity boosting foods to include in your diet


Immunity boosting foods to consume to keep yourself healthy

Yogurt is an excellent natural probiotic. It helps the body to form some really good bacteria, which are necessary for overall well being. Thus, it is a good practice to consume yogurt on a daily basis. However, try and avoid consuming curd at night. Additionally, if you have a sore throat, stay away from this super food. However, for better immunity, probiotics are a must. Thus, consuming supplements is also a good idea. 

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Immunity boosting foods to consume to keep yourself healthy

Turmeric is indeed the Indian wonder spice. This beautiful golden spice is common in each and every kitchen in the country. Turmeric is also well known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is a compound. This compound is a very potent agent. This compound is what helps to heal all wounds and infections. And this is precisely why turmeric milk is recommended, especially when you are sick. 

Consume turmeric milk every day before going to bed. Boil some turmeric with milk till you get a proper colour and flavor. Let it cool down a bit before consuming it. You can also consume this with some black pepper. 

Anti-virus foods

Thankfully, our Indian cuisine is full of foods that are anti-virus in nature. These include garlic, ginger, tulsi (basil )leaves, star anise, etc. Not only are these foods good for consumption now, but otherwise too, they protect against the seasonal flu. Therefore, consume a lot of these foods to boost your immunity and to flush out all toxins from your body. 

Simply boil three to four tulsi leaves in water, and then have the warm water. You can also include garlic in your everyday water. Taking warm water infused with ginger is also a good idea. Or you can have star-anise water. Take three to four pieces of star anise, boil them in water, and then consume the water when it is still warm.  


Zinc is an important immunity boosting nutrient. It also improves your digestion and metabolism. Make sure that you include zinc in your diet by consuming zinc rich foods. These include cashew nuts, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, etc. 


Immunity boosting foods to consume to keep yourself healthy

Of all the different vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are the most important ones for building immunity. Therefore, consume citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and amla on a daily basis. Even mushrooms and egg yolks are good sources for Vitamin D. 

You can consume amla juice daily. Or eat a delicious fruit salad with pineapples, apples, and oranges. Consuming fresh orange juice is also a good idea. COVID 19 patients are being given Vitamin C regularly through intravenous therapy. Therefore, make sure you include plenty of it in your diet. Vitamin C tablets are also easily available in the market. 

Taking care of your health and immunity is now the only solution to fight the virus away. Of course, social distancing and good hygiene practices are really important. But you never know when you come in contact with a COVID infected person at some or the other time during the day. The best case practice is to, therefore, take utmost care of your immunity. Make your body so strong that it is in a position to fight away any and every virus and bacteria. Make sure that you eat good food, and avoid junk at all costs. Refrain from consuming foods from outside. Also, eat supplements like those for Vitamin C and Zinc on a regular basis. Drink warm water the first thing when you wake up, and end your day with a glass of warm turmeric milk. 

Take care and stay safe!

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