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Indian Summer Fruits

With temperature crossing 40 degrees the safest food that can be consumed as it is fruits. This list of summer fruits is best eaten as it is. Yes, it can be made into juices, ice creams, sorbet or any other form of desserts. But eating fruit as a whole is when all its benefits can be enjoyed by the body.


There are 30 types of mangoes produced in India. And this tropical fruit available only during summer is the most delicious fruits of all. It’s sweet, a bit sour and makes a healthy meal on its own. Preventing heat stroke and strengthening immunity are some of the benefits among many of eating mangoes. one of the favorite summer fruits in India.


This fruit has a low-calorie count and the most amount of water content. It is sweet to taste and provides hydration to the body.

Indian Summer Fruits
summer fruits in India

Taragola / Ice Apple

This fruit tastes like the flesh of the coconut. This fruit is juicy, sweet and refreshing. The outer brown cover has to be peeled and the fleshy fruit is consumed. This fruit regulates body temperature, prevents dehydration and provides energy to the body. No one can hate Ice apple as its one of delicious summer fruits in India.

Indian Summer Fruits


On chopping the fruit in half and scooping out the seeds the fruit can be enjoyed like eating a bowl of ice-cream. some of the few benefits of eating muskmelon are improved immunity system, relief from constipation, and controlled blood pressure.


This citric fruit is sour to taste. Regulating high blood pressure, fighting viral infections are few of its benefits.

Indian Summer Fruits

Sweet Lime

This fruit is sweet. It helps in detoxifying the body, boosting immunity and improving digestion.

Indian Summer Fruits


Cutting this fruit itself can be made as a fun activity. Its seeds can be fried and eaten while the fleshy fruit eaten on its own is very tasty. This fruit is high in proteins and improves immunity.

Indian Summer Fruits

Jamun/Black Plum

Found only in summer this fruit has a unique taste. Though it looks likes grapes it is unlike it. It helps in keeping a good oral health and heart.

Indian Summer Fruits


It is sweet and tart to taste and is excellent for hair and skin.

Indian Summer Fruits


These are either sour or sweet. It is low in sugar and sodium and provides antioxidants to the body.


This tropical fruit is good for inflammation and digestion.

Indian Summer Fruits
summer fruits in india


This fruit is soft, mushy and sweet. It is dried and eaten year around. Benefits of this fruit include a good immune system, strengthening bones, and reduce cholesterol.

summer fruits in india
summer fruits in india

Papaya, Grapes, and Kiwi are few other fruits available in this season.


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