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How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?

What is the first thing that clicks your head when you hear the word optimism? Positivity? Looking at the good in every situation or something on these lines? Well, optimism surely is all of this but it is not just those things. My personal experiences and situations have made me gain a deeper insight into what optimism actually is. Optimism to me is simply put self-belief and faith. It is not giving up even when the odds are against you. It is the real form of the saying “The Grass is always greener on the other side”. If you dig deep and analyze optimism, you will know that it is just perception. If you look at the half empty glass, instead of the half that is filled, it’s going to build your perception that way. You are giving in to pessimism. Optimism is the way you look at things in any situation of life. It will make or break your personality.    

How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?
optimism is the key to a good life

Optimism and Personality Development :

I’m sure most of you must be wondering how does personality development have anything to do with optimism?  Well, it totally does. Personality Development is just one of the aspects affected by optimism. Let’s take up a scenario wherein two candidates are appearing for a job interview process. Both of them are equally qualified and skilled. One of them is very optimistic and is confident (Not overconfident) and has a positive attitude. He is optimistic and believes that he will bag the job. On the other hand, the other candidate is very low on self-esteem and is negative. He is not sure if he will bag the job. This example clearly shows us that if we already fill our mind with negative Thoughts we start sending those signals in the universe. It is most likely for the candidate with a positive attitude and the correct skill set to get the job. He has sent out that message in the universe and his body language and attitude will speak for him in the interview.

How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?
Faith changes everything

The Signals we send to the Universe:

The moment you start thinking about any object, person or situation, You start throwing energies related to them in the universe. Every single thought of optimism or pessimism starts to manifest the moment it enters your head. I know that these are very deeply analyzed things and some of you might not be able to gauge the depth of it. It took me 2 years myself to actually understand how optimism and energies are interconnected. Just go to notice one day, how what you think and how your mood affects your entire day.

If you start your day on a positive and a happy note, the entire day is bound to go that way. If you start off your day in a bad mood and with negative thoughts, the entire day is going to go about that way. Energies really play a big role in our day to day life. This is how people get intuitions regarding how a person is from the vibe they get in the first meet. Some people tend to radiate positive vibes and a healthy personality. Whereas some people have the potential to just put you off with their energy.

Where did this concept evolve?

It has been long known by all of us that human beings are nothing but tiny specs of dust in this large universe. No one really believed this fact, but eventually many people started reading more about it and started agreeing to this philosophy. This theory states that the universe has energy in abundance and it is always radiating that energy. We human beings are just small point sources who derive our energy from the universe. Hence what you send to the universe, you receive it back in abundance. You send optimistic thoughts, love, and happiness, the universe will bless you with all of them. Contrary to it if you give in to pessimism and give hateful thoughts, bad vibes, jealousy, etc to the universe, they come back to you in return.

How does Optimism help you achieve your goals?

For all of you who have the read the bestseller “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, I’m sure it must have helped you at some point in your life. Well, this book is based on the concept of how your thoughts change the incidents in your life and how you can manifest what you want. The right thoughts and the right practices can give you everything that you want. It could be Money, fame, success or a materialistic thing. It all depends on how badly do you want it. The moment you want a particular phone, dress or a job, your request is heard by God. Now it all depends on how you synchronize your hard work in the same direction as your goal.

The Cosmic Kitchen- Universe

The universe is analogous to the Cosmic Kitchen, where millions of orders are placed every day. Once you decide you want something, the order is sent. Just like When you order a dish in a restaurant and wait for it to be prepared by the chef, Once the cosmic kitchen has your order, you need to wait for it to prepare your order. The most important thing here is if you are not working towards what you want with an optimistic approach and putting in sincere efforts, The order can’t be served. When you want to eat French fries do you go to dominos or Mc Donald’s? Obviously MC Donald’s right, so similarly when you want your request to be answered, you need to put in the effort required for the same.

How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?
Your order is on it’s way!

Once you start working in the direction of your goals, All you need to do is be patient, trust the process. God will fulfill your wishes when the time is right. Have faith and keep working. There is no way that after working hard and believing in the process that your wish will not be granted. Keep an optimistic approach all along!

The most important rule is, you cannot be negative or doubt the process even for one second. Have full faith that what you want is already yours. Keep a positive approach always, or else the process will not work.

Meditation – The most important Tool

Meditation is nothing but being at peace and harmony with yourself and your surroundings. It is a state of art. A way of living. Many people think meditation is all about posing to be like saints and reciting mantras in your head while practicing breathing. This notion is not right. Meditation is basically a lifestyle that one must adapt if they want to connect with nature and the universe, radiate positivity and maintain a healthy life. Breathing is an essential skill that goes hand in hand when practicing Meditation.

How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?
Meditation helps you stay composed

Most of us today are not even breathing with both our nostrils. I’m sure most of you won’t agree with this, but it is the harsh reality. We are either breathing from the right nostril or the left, one at any given time. The switching period is between 3-4 hours. The right side is analogous to the sun and we breathe from that side mostly when we are angry, frustrated or irritated. When we are at peace and happy we tend to breathe from the left side. It’s like yin and yang. For breathing properly it’s essential to practice meditation with breathing exercises.

Meditation leaves you at peace, happy and also helps you release all the harmful toxins from your body. Your mental health will become better with time, as you keep practicing meditation regularly.

How are meditation and optimism connected?

Well, meditation not just helps you to be at peace, but also helps you to think positive and become an optimistic person, Just notice how you feel once you have meditated. You will feel like positive energy is running throughout your body. Meditation also helps you to change your perspective and become more patient.

A person who practices meditation is bound to be more peaceful and be optimistic. In today’s fast-paced world where we are so carried away with all the clutter in our lives. No one is paying attention to their mental and physical health. Hence meditation is the only way one can find peace in this competitive world.

How will Optimism and Meditation change your life?
optimism and meditation

The Soul Connect:

Optimism and meditation definitely go hand in hand and you acquire both of them only when you are ready to face your fears, insecurities, and regrets. Meditation will change your whole way of thinking and Optimism will help you achieve all your goals. A person who has mastered them both has mastered his life. They make you a more responsible, sensible and joyful person. You learn to look at the good in every person and situation. In all, if you are an optimistic person, trust me you are more than halfway ahead in the journey of life when compared to your peers. Practicing meditation on top of this is just a cherry on the top.

Dhairya Gangwani
Dhairya Gangwani
I am a 4th-year electronics and communication undergraduate at the Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I love interacting with people and travelling. I joined Toastmasters international at my university, which helped me discover my love for public speaking and eventually writing. I believe being able to pen down your thoughts and express yourself is a wonderful thing and this led me to dive into content writing.


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