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How will technology affect the future of wars?

The use of technology is increasing exponentially. People are trying to cut the usage of physical human resource. Technology is finding its use in almost every other branch. Operations and tasks are automated. Nobody would prefer the human brain and power over automated work procedures. The time when everything is either a machine or operated by some machine, how can one forget it in the fields of wars and battles? War is a global aspect and the outcomes of any war are vital for survival. Winning or losing is all a matter of wit and strength. Every country would wish to have the most secure future and this leads to the high use of autonomous bodies for wars.

LAWS with no laws

LAWS, an acronym for Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems, are lethal systems that are known to bring death and destruction in the warfare times. Forecasting shows that countries will resort to the usage of deadly weapons to put an end on terrorism. Those were different times when people themselves went to the war sites or battlegrounds. Now people use drones to spy and have a complete overview of the counter’s strength and strategy. They find their enemy and attack with utmost strength. They bring destruction at massive rates.

And the biggest part is, there are no rules that could restrict these heavy bodies from fighting. After all, it’s no human brain. Man operated rifles and gunpowder have lost their identity. War associations are constantly looking for processes to find the use of automated guns or robots that constantly fire against the opponent with unexpectedly high speeds. Ray guns and laser beams are areas where the defence systems are constantly working upon.

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How will technology affect the future of wars?

These systems are trying to get self-aware. They want to make the information and instructions flow in a fraction of seconds.  Operations like identifying the enemy, understanding their next attack and planning to overpower and important. This can be accompanied only by the involvement of technology.

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Will the battlegrounds become entirely automated?

This is very evident that the battlefields are going to become machine-dependent. But the question is, will this dependence be entirely human-based? If looked closely, the battlefield can never be entirely automated. You need a human brain and manpower to make this machinery after all. These automated devices won’t ever have their existence if there were no humans to build them. These automated machines can’t even function on their own if they had no programmed functions built-in them. This leads us to the conclusion that humans still are and will be the in-charge of battlefields because it is humans who give rise to these technologies.

The technology exists in everything, it is the new future

The fact that the future is in the hands of technology is universal. Everything is getting technical aid. Machinery and automation are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life. There is no doubt that people find an increase in efficiency with the incorporation of technology in every sphere of life. It has reduced the human load. It will save future expenditures too. You get the assurance of high speed with high accuracy rates in every work.

Military and battlefield are also resorting to automated techniques to fight and win against enemies. And it is very obvious. Defence systems need ultimate and permanent solutions to curb their enemies. Technology in wars makes it completely destructive. And the statistics also show that the advancements from gunpowder to guns to nuclear power destructiveness has always led to higher success rates. This makes it more important to use technology in warfare and battles.

What all advancements and techniques?

Internet is extremely powerful

Search a word and you’ll get to know the entire history of it. Internet is such a powerful tool that it can teach a layman, the process of making destructive. This global network is a hub where a potential person can become highly destructive. Like the Internet of Things, we have internet of war techniques. Ways to make missiles, drones, sensors, robots, and whatnot, everything is available on the internet. You simply need to go, search from it and learn. This is nothing else but technology.

Let’s get robots to fight against enemies

How will technology affect the future of wars?
How will technology affect the future of wars?

With the advancements in technology, you can see the advancements in war techniques. People are constructing robots, they are gradually moving towards the robot fights. All this is an outcome of technology. Making automated machinery with all qualities of a human, like abilities to think and respond accordingly is all due to advancements in machinery and technology. Involving robots not only reduces manpower but also assures a successful win against the enemy. Every action and attack of a machine is foolproof if programmed and executed efficiently. Winning is the utmost requirement of every defence system. They want to eradicate terrorism from the roots. Carrying out robot wars is the ultimate solution to it. It is highly destructive.

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The new way to spy on enemy

There were times when human interference was used to spy on your enemies to know about their strategy and preparations. Now with the increase in the use of technology, you have replaced this human effort too with technical aid. Now, the attackers have resorted to the usage of drones to spy and get an early view of everything about their enemies. Drones are easy to make and give you the full required information without the loss of manpower. Nobody has to risk their lives now. This clearly shows how well technology is used in wars.

Cyber hacking- indeed a powerful tool

Defence authorities now hire personalized and expert technicians who know hacking skills like a pro. Every attacker has a full database of information about their goods, techniques, personal databases, strategies, etc. if you get to know about them beforehand itself, chances for you to win against them increases. Cyber hacking is a very efficient and powerful tool to win. You get to hack and access all of their information. This is again a result of technology used in wars. It would also disturb their transmission of messages to their chief.

This makes it very evident that there is no other substitute for technology. Warfare has to incorporate the technological ideology and tricks to have permanent combat to wars. Eradication of terrorism is only possible if you destroy them from roots. This is possible only when you have the strength of technology with you as your armour during wars.

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